2020: In Pictures

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20 January 2020: Hats
Colin and Jerry have cute new hats to wear.

19 January 2020: Packing
We're starting to pack up Noirin's house in order to move, and it's currently at that stage where we've made it look worse.

18 January 2020: Serenity Prayer Card
So many things are swimming around in my head at the moment but it was worth pausing to calm down when I noticed this card in a shop.

17 January 2020: Slipknot
I suppose I'm getting old when the few hours I had before this gig were spent napping, but it was worth dragging myself out of bed to see an awesome performance.

16 January 2020: Pendant
I did a double take when I saw Princess Carolyn's pendant in this episode of BoJack Horseman. It's a symbol I know very well.

15 January 2020: Were-Rabbit
Not a great photo, but I love this creepy rabbit above the door.

14 January 2020: Back to Work
All set to go back to work! It was made much easier by being able to get into a car first thing in the morning rather than walking round for the bus.

13 January 2020: Snow Killer
I'm reading a book called The Snow Killer and was surprised to see a reference to AA.

12 January 2020: Boofle Calendar
I was shocked to see that Noirin's teddy has become a calendar model! Obviously had to buy it to see what he's been up to.

11 January 2020: Removal
We helped Emma move some stuff out of Harvey's flat. Our team effort was incredible and got the job done pretty quickly.

10 January 2020: Constructed Giraffe
Noirin got me this when we were at Edinburgh Zoo so when I was feeling sorry for myself today I put a bit of effort in and built it.

9 January 2020: 500 Days
Today was a day of milestones. I reached 500 consecutive days of Swedish on Duolingo and also 100 consecutive days of meditation. It's a really nice reminder that a small daily effort can build up to something a lot better.

8 January 2020: St Nick's Meeting
Months of effort and worry finally paid off as we held the first meeting in St Nicholas Cathedral. The room is a lovely little space and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.

7 January 2020: 12 Year Old Boy
My outfit today was basically that of a 12 year old boy. I did buy a new suit though so apparently I have some adulting capabilities.

6 January 2020: Tumble Dryer
What a way to start off the year! A new tumble dryer. I'm not sure if it's going to cost more in electricity or treats so the cat will forgive us for the noise.

5 January 2020: Crochet Giraffe
I was distracted by this while Noirin shopped for wool. I managed not to buy it.

4 January 2020: Accidental Funeral
During some tidying up, this collection of items on the table ended up accidentally looking like a funeral display.

3 January 2020: Extension
I felt like an adult today as I bought something that I've needed for ages. An extension cable, because the sockets next to Noirin's bed are on her side so I end up never charging my phone overnight.

2 January 2020: FMPC
With Christmas and New Year out of the way it was time to start doing some sensible house stuff, like contacting my management company.

1 January 2020: Muddy McDonald's
A fine start to the year - McDonald's breakfast with my top boy.