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28 November 2021: New Telly
Sarah bought us a new TV for Christmas!

27 November 2021: Ridge Tiles
Storm Arwen did a bit of a number on our roof, but we were fortunate compared to some.

26 November 2021: Chonky Pigeon
This rotund little dude snuck into work to shelter from the wind.

25 November 2021: Records
Ali and I started the daunting task of collecting dad's records with a view to cataloguing and selling them to someone who would have more of a use for them.

24 November 2021: Arena
I was going to say it feels like years since I was inside the arena, but it actually has been a few years.

23 November 2021: True Love
I don't know if this is a new love or just a recent declaration of a longer term relationship but I hope they're happy.

22 November 2021: Beast
Things to be grateful for - this fence.

21 November 2021: Eighteen
I'm immensely proud of Noirin today for achieving 18 years of sobriety! What an example.

20 November 2021: Cone of Shame
The vet fitted Sally with a cone to stop her licking a wound on her stomach when cream was applied. It was a nice theory, but within 10 minutes of getting home she'd managed to escape the cone and hide it somewhere in the spare bedroom.

19 November 2021: Reflection
A walk during some system downtime at work was a chance to reflect.

18 November 2021: Bugs Bunny
It's tradition for Sarah to get us daft slippers in the run up to Christmas. I wear through the bottom of any slipper at an alarming rate so this year she's gone for some chunky ones which may last longer.

17 November 2021: Pink World
The world looked a lovely shade of pink this morning.

16 November 2021: Boats
I'm trying to get out more regularly for lunchtime walks. Today I went down to the river and had a spy at some boats.

15 November 2021: Landing
This huge RAF plane was landing at the airport.

14 November 2021: Sniffs and Sticks
I walked Holly as an excuse to get out of the house. It involved a lot of sniffing and a lot of sticks.

13 November 2021: Whittle Dene
I walked along the Hadrian's Wall path between East Wallhouses and Heddon today with Kat and Aidan. This reservoir proved a nice place to stop for lunch.

12 November 2021: Santa Donut
I panicked in M&S because I couldn't find the stuff I went in for, so I ended up with some donuts in the basket while I wandered round aimlessly.

11 November 2021: Blyth Boat
I've got every Thursday off for the rest of the year. Today was the first one so I got the bus up to Blyth and went for a walk around the "sights".

10 November 2021: Kings Arms
The pub at Killingworth shops has been rebranded as the Kings Arms. I can't imagine I'll visit it any time soon.

9 November 2021: Street Light
I'm grateful for these illuminating my evening walks.

8 November 2021: Winter Coat
My new winter coat arrived! Naturally this week ended up being a bit too warm to wear it.

7 November 2021: Newburn Walk
Noirin was in Newburn this afternoon so I used the opportunity to get dropped off for a walk somewhere a little different.

6 November 2021: Duvet Day
It was a day for buying a new duvet cover, not spending time under one.

5 November 2021: Shearer Shirt
Since Steph died we've gradually been sorting out some of my dad's stuff that was still in their house. This came home to live with me.

4 November 2021: Phone Box Stickers
Also known as "first slightly different thing I noticed today".

3 November 2021: Thai Salmon
I really enjoyed the meal I made tonight! Thai salmon, a thai spiced sauce and vermicelli.

2 November 2021: Dark Nights
With the clocks having changed over the weekend, the dark nights are setting in.

1 November 2021: Half & Half
I got confused when putting on a jacket over a hoody.