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17 September 2020: Wreckage
Recently a car ploughed through a row of bollards in Burradon. Thankfully noone was on the path at the time and the only damage was to the bollards and car. The bollards have been repaired but the wreckage of the car is still sitting there, presumably as a reminder to everyone else not to drive like an idiot.

16 September 2020: Swan
This evil, majestic creep kept its distance.

15 September 2020: Not a Person
I hung this washing that wouldn't fit on the line over the bench and then every time I saw it I panicked that someone was unexpectedly sitting there.

14 September 2020: Blackberry Picking
I went for a walk with Noirin to scout out some of the best places for blackberries in the upcoming weeks.

13 September 2020: Brick
Just another brick in the (shed) wall.

12 September 2020: Shadow Girl
This little creep follows me everywhere.

11 September 2020: Sobriety Cheesecake
Any excuse for a cheesecake... but in this case it was totally justified. The 8th sobriety birthday of a good friend is a great reason for a celebration.

10 September 2020: Mars
I love keeping track of the planets when they're visible. Good morning Mars!

9 September 2020: Holly at the Lake
I borrowed Holly for an hour to give Ali and Carl some space to organise Kath's funeral. We had a nice walk around Killingworth Lake and managed not to bark at any swans.

8 September 2020: Sally's Blanket
Sarah ordered this new blanket for Sally, which she seems to quite like. Of course she wouldn't sit on it right this second so I could take a photo, but I couldn't force her - it's her world. I just live in it.

7 September 2020: Gratitude Cushion
When I found veronicadearly.com the other day I had to buy something and unfortunately "everything" wasn't a sensible option so I settled on this cushion. I hope that it'll remind me to be grateful for everything good in my life.

6 September 2020: Return of the Crochet
Noirin has decided to finish her crochet so I found the box she needed in the shed.

5 September 2020: Sunset
The sun sets on another quiet, peaceful day in my life.

4 September 2020: Blue Fluff
Noirin's new hoody seemingly lost half its body weight in fluff whilst in the dryer.

3 September 2020: Killy Lake
I use bad weather as an excuse for not leaving the house far too often, so when I had a nice sunny day at my disposal I felt inclined to go for a walk around Killingworth Lake.

2 September 2020: Bowtie
I looked like a 4 year old boy today in my outfit (shorts, polo shirt and sweater vest) so what else could I do but add a bowtie to complete the look?

1 September 2020: Chip Butty
Not the most orthodox breakfast but also not the worst I've ever had... Leftover chips (homemade by Sarah yesterday) in a tiger roll.