2022: In Pictures

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24 January 2022: Ladder
We finally got round to getting the roof fixed after Storm Arwen so this was my view for part of the morning.

23 January 2022: Rothbury
Today I had a lovely 6 mile walk around Rothbury and Thropton with Kat and Aidan.

22 January 2022: Black Horse
I love it when I pass a horse and it comes over to say hello.

21 January 2022: Eating Pattern
Sally seems to have had tunnel vision when eating her dry food based on this pattern.

20 January 2022: Castle Stairs
I'm almost certain that taking a photo of a sign for some stairs burns as many calories as walking up them.

19 January 2022: Jollibee
It opened recently in town. Based on tonight's experience, I will not be in a hurry to return.

18 January 2022: Banana Shopping
I like to buy snacks to take to work and bananas seemed like a good option.

17 January 2022: Snood
Scarves never feel quite right to wear for walking, so I've invested in a snood. Today it was put to use keeping me snug while working from home.

16 January 2022: Bolam Lake
We walked from Hartburn to Bolam and ended up by the lake at a time of day which makes everything look beautiful.

15 January 2022: Home Comforts
Biscoff milkshake and a new episode of Vera! The best way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

14 January 2022: Drip
This seems to be a new shop or something that's opening up near work.

13 January 2022: Jammies
After a busy day I was extremely grateful to be able to put my pyjamas on.

12 January 2022: Padlock
It kept me out, so evidently it works.

11 January 2022: Sourdough
A little something to elevate tonight's leftover casserole to the next level!

10 January 2022: Homeworking
The standard setup - Sally loitering creepily in the background.

9 January 2022: Chibburn
Kat and I explored the ruins of the preceptory at Low Chibburn, mainly for her project but also because that's just how we roll.

8 January 2022: New Clothes
I had no plans for today but I decided to wear my new shirt and jumper anyway.

7 January 2022: Streets
Another standard walk through town to work.

6 January 2022: Serial Killer Talk
I went to a talk about serial killers at Laurels in Whitley Bay. It was really interesting!

5 January 2022: Tunnel
One of the most photogenic tunnels I've ever seen. Or at least the most photogenic one I saw today.

4 January 2022: Face Mask
I got this green tea fask mask recently. My skin feels uncharacteristically soft afterwards.

3 January 2022: Hexham
Somehow we managed a 3.5 mile walk along the river in Hexham before a massive rain shower landed. Comfortably one of the best ways I can think of to enjoy my last day off.

2 January 2022: Cataloguing
While I've been off work over Christmas I've been making a list of Dad's records so that we can arrange to sell them.

1 January 2022: Tynemouth
It was so mild today for this time of year so we went to Tynemouth beach, along with what felt like most of the north east!