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10 December 2018: Dark View
The view from the stop of the step bridge in Forest Hall as it gets dark.

9 December 2018: Stone Cold Christmas
I don't wear Christmas jumpers, but this 18-23 month one will do nicely for Mr Austin.

8 December 2018: Eagles Hoody
I bought this Newcastle Eagles hoody recently and found out today that it's lovely and warm.

7 December 2018: Stone Cold
My random purchase of the day from B&M: a 31" Stone Cold Steve Austin.

6 December 2018: Universal Serial Bus
This USB socket on the bus saved my day from being a total write-off.

5 December 2018: Laksa Chicken
I was meeting Paul for food, so Chilli Padi was the obvious choice. After I saw a picture of the dish Neesy had recently, I had to try it, so here's my laksa chicken curry soup with noodles. It was gorgeous!

4 December 2018: Mac 'n' Cheese
It wasn't the best mac 'n' cheese I've ever had but the "American" toppings (hot dog, onion, ketchup and mustard) saved the day.

3 December 2018: Sprout
This is as festive as my desk is getting.

2 December 2018: Pineapple Soda
My new favourite drink in the Grey Horse! It's lovely and fruity.

1 December 2018: The Lasses
I don't usually seriously consider buying any of the daft things that pop up as adverts on Facebook, but this cool little family picture from Posterhaste seemed such a cute idea, and I wanted something that each of the 3 of us could have.