2018: In Pictures

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9 January 2018: Onion Bhaji Sandwich
I can never resist trying a limited edition sandwich. This one was surprisingly tasty.

8 January 2018: Stu
We lost Stu before Christmas and today his notice appeared in the newspaper. It was a horrible shock and he'll be sadly missed.

7 January 2018: Ice
Amazingly, I didn't slip on any ice today.

6 January 2018: Cocktail
Saturday afternoon in the Grey Horse was spent creating new cocktails.

5 January 2018: Fire Taming
Nass tamed fire at his birthday meal at As You Like It.

4 January 2018: Crazy Giraffe Lady
This coaster is the perfect new addition to my desk at work.

3 January 2018: Finest Moussaka
The red numbers in the dietary section are a bit concerning, but I don't really care when it's an easy tea.

2 January 2018: Stepladder
This must mean the lights in the toilets at work have finally been fixed. No more weeing in the dark!

1 January 2018: NYD Drinks
I spent New Year's Day with Ali, Michael, Carl, Paul and Shannon, amongst others.