2018: In Pictures

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January 2018
February 2018

17 March 2018: Dinky Cocktails
With added decoration, I could almost class a shot as a cocktail.

16 March 2018: Shannon
Friday nights with Shannon are always a good laugh.

15 March 2018: Painting
It's finally getting a paint job!

14 March 2018: Buildings
I had a telephone appointment so I popped outside to take it. This was my exciting view.

13 March 2018: Dream Centre
It doesn't look like a centre for dreams.

12 March 2018: Mothering Monday
We celebrated Mother's Day a day late with a family meal at Amici.

11 March 2018: Bar Bible
I have no idea why there is a bible behind the bar in the Grey Horse.

10 March 2018: Newcastle 3-0 Southampton
It's been a while since I was last at the match, but this was a great one to come back to.

9 March 2018: Eagles
Paul had a spare ticket for the Eagles game tonight, so I joined him and Lucas to watch a comfortable home win.

8 March 2018: Pitch 'n' Shots
We developed a fun new game for the pub! Pitch your loose change into one of the cups and win shots.

7 March 2018: Scaffolding
It seems like Grey Street has been covered in scaffolding for absolutely ages.

6 March 2018: Soggy
This path was under half a foot of water this morning, but now it's just a bit soggy.

5 March 2018: Boxes & Wires
I have no idea what is happening here.

4 March 2018: Sertraline
My latest medication. I'm hoping this one works.

3 March 2018: Group Bet
Newcastle played Liverpool today so everyone in the pub had a group bet. Of course, Newcastle lost and so did we.

2 March 2018: Icicles
This snow storm has given us some brilliant icicles.

1 March 2018: M&S
I got a different bus which dropped off at Haymarket and since I was early for work, I stopped to find my lunch in the food hall.