2019: In Pictures

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19 January 2019: Brunswick
For many years, St James' Park was my church on a Saturday afternoon. These days I'm better off at the Brunswick.

18 January 2019: Amy's 18th
I've been to loads of 18th parties at the Blue Flames over the years but this one, for my youngest cousin, was extra special.

17 January 2019: Snowy Path
When I left town I had pretty much forgotten that it snowed earlier today, but we still had a fair bit on the ground near home.

16 January 2019: Westminster
I always look at the windows of abandoned Bigg Market takeaways for political inspiration.

15 January 2019: Argentina
I ordered this new jacket from Toffs not long after Christmas but it was out of stock so it has taken a few weeks to arrive.

14 January 2019: Borderline
I'm interested in learning a bit more about borderline personality disorder so I'm hoping this book helps.

13 January 2019: One
Harley has turned one. His curls are awesome!

12 January 2019: Good Morning!
Waking up sober is great, until I realise I don't have any food in the house to make a decent breakfast. That's when it's time for a walk round to the shop. At least the sky looked nice.

11 January 2019: Slippers
It's always great going round to someone's house and stepping straight into a pair of slippers.

10 January 2019: High Bridge
A typical morning stroll along High Bridge towards work. I wasn't intentionally following those two people in front.

9 January 2019: M&M Eggs
It must be getting closer to Easter as the shops are full of egg-shaped treats. I hadn't seen these before, so this is my treat for work tomorrow.

8 January 2019: Brexit
This pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole thing.

7 January 2019: zolq
This was the closest I could get to writing 2019 on the fridge.

6 January 2019: Adidas
My extremely comfy new trousers.

5 January 2019: Newcastle 1-1 Blackburn
My first (and possibly last) match of the season was a boring FA Cup 3rd round tie.

4 January 2019: Snooze
Despite being in work over Christmas and for a couple of days already this week, today seemed like the most difficult day to drag myself out of bed.

3 January 2019: Bigg Market Progress
Work is still going on to improve the Bigg Market.

2 January 2019: Madreas
I ducked into the doorway of the Koh-I-Noor while I made a phone call and of course I spotted some strange spelling on their menu.

1 January 2019: New Year's Day Breakfast
A friend had booked a room at the Jury's Inn that wasn't going to get used so I was happy to take advantage. Of course I upgraded it to include breakfast, and the dining room was lovely and quiet when I headed down to check it out.