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18 May 2024: Last Rays
I enjoyed the last of the day's sun. The net is a helpful addition when passing a golf course but noone was playing this late anyway.

17 May 2024: Spider
This spider spent the day patrolling the toilets at work.

16 May 2024: Shoplifters
I've worked in town long enough to know that a pile of discarded hangers usually means the shoplifters have passed through this area with their stash.

15 May 2024: Toon Dude
I love a nice bit of window art.

14 May 2024: Smashing Summer Blouse
There were so many to choose from that it was difficult to only choose one.

13 May 2024: Lovebirds
Noirin got this from a local lady who had a market stall.

12 May 2024: Chickens
We went to see Danielle and Julia which meant we could meet their chickens.

11 May 2024: Sunny Walk
My first real chance this year to go for a walk in the sunshine.

10 May 2024: RIP Stapler
My favourite stapler is beyond saving.

9 May 2024: Short Pyjamas
It's getting warmer so it's time to get the summer pyjamas put to use.

8 May 2024: Portrait
The kids bought us this as a wedding present. Obviously we love it!

7 May 2024: Excluded
During a trip to the Post Office I brushed up on the rules.

6 May 2024: Observation
I hadn't been round to this bird feeding observation section at Weetslade before. It was a bit disappointing, as there was no food and therefore no birds.

5 May 2024: Shorts Weather
It's warmed up just enough to risk wearing shorts.

4 May 2024: Ali's Birthday
A rare trip to the pub for me and Noirin, after a family meal to celebrate Ali's birthday.

3 May 2024: Dandelion Fluff
I don't think we're supposed to like these but I do because I like fluffy things.

2 May 2024: Blossom Watch
Sadly no blossom in sight - just bird poo.

1 May 2024: Mischief
Just another morning of Sally acting mischievous around wool then looking cute when questioned.