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12 April 2024: Brown Trousers
Some new chinos, which I wore for the first time today.

11 April 2024: Red Cross
This is what is on offer from the British Red Cross.

10 April 2024: Backpack
My backpack was looking pretty shabby so I've invested in a new one.

9 April 2024: Chop
When it's lashing down with rain and you don't want to go anywhere but you need a trim... time to get the scissors out and do it yourself.

8 April 2024: Swing
I didn't embarrass myself by trying to climb up on it.

7 April 2024: Big Needles
I don't think I'll mess with Noirin while she's holding these gigantic knitting needles.

6 April 2024: Rothbury Walk
High winds and paths that resembled swamps weren't enough to put us off!

5 April 2024: Wrist Burn
I managed to burn my wrist on the air fryer. Then heat it up again when I went in the bath afterwards, and again after that when I washed the dishes.

4 April 2024: Ground Rainbow
In the spirit of positivity, I'm calling this a ground rainbow instead of a hazard.

3 April 2024: Yellow Jacket
After my brightly coloured jacket suffered a broken zip, this is its replacement. Thanks to the April showers, it has a good opportunity to demonstrate how waterproof it is.

2 April 2024: Shirt
New month means new purchases! Today I'm wearing this new shirt.

1 April 2024: Pizza Lego
It felt like this was the only thing in Asda we didn't buy today!