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17 June 2018: Living Sober
I met Rachel for a chat about recovery from alcohol dependence and she gave me some reading material.

16 June 2018: Chilli's a Winner!
I joined Sue, Nass and Sophie at a dog show where Chilli won best dog, 2nd best pedigree and 3rd for the dog the judges most wanted to take home. Proud auntie!

15 June 2018: Headphones
I've never really fancied bluetooth headphones before but they had an easy victory over listening to annoying people on the bus.

14 June 2018: World Cup 2018
The World Cup is kicking off with the highly exciting Russia v Saudi Arabia.

13 June 2018: For Sale
Decca has kindly fixed up and valeted Stu's car so we can go ahead with selling it.

12 June 2018: Tim Key
I went to see Tim Key at the Northern Stage. I didn't think it was as funny as the reviews made out, but overall it was fairly entertaining.

11 June 2018: Job Hunt
While browsing through jobs I found this.. I don't think I'll be applying.

10 June 2018: Beautiful Day
Perfect day for a stroll.

9 June 2018: Beyond Blonde
The first band to play at the Grey Horse went down a storm! The place was packed and it was a fun night of live music.

8 June 2018: Derek's Funeral
With Sam away for the weekend I joined Shannon in Newbiggin to remember her Uncle Derek. It was a fantastic turnout and a very moving service.

7 June 2018: Rollerblades
I used to love rollerblading, so I've decided to take it up again. I definitely need to practice!

6 June 2018: Quiz Night
Michael and Tom deep in thought about a difficult question.

5 June 2018: Flower
Ali's cute little decoration on her outfit today.

4 June 2018: Seal
This water spillage reminds me of a seal.

3 June 2018: Lost Voice Guy
I've known Lee since I was 18 from our nights clubbing around Newcastle, particularly Foundation. Lee can't speak but his stand up comedy is a nationwide hit and tonight he was announced as the winner of Britain's Got Talent!

2 June 2018: Boxers
Hollie's boxer puppies Trevor and Jimmy, which are already huge!

1 June 2018: Stripes
I had an urge to wear something really comfortable, so I bought these.