2019: In Pictures

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16 July 2019: Movement
I moved desks so Danny got the job of making sure everything was in the right place.

15 July 2019: Pizza Meeting
I've been dreaming of a day when pizza will arrive at an AA meeting. IT IS HAPPENING!

14 July 2019: Cake
I have no idea what kind of cake this was, but it was nice enough.

13 July 2019: Sally
A cat that likes me! I call this a miracle.

12 July 2019: Ice Cream
I was excited to see ice cream in the reception area at work, but unfortunately it wasn't for my firm.

11 July 2019: Gladys
A new giraffe friend for my collection!

10 July 2019: Pom Bears
I still love these cute little crispy dudes.

9 July 2019: Picture
It's not geographically accurate, but I was only sheltering from the rain - I wasn't there to admire the artwork.

8 July 2019: Menu
Too much choice for an indecisive mind!

7 July 2019: Women's World Cup Final
USA won, which was pretty predictable, but it's been a really entertaining tournament.

6 July 2019: Matalan
Four items in Matalan and a spend of only 27. I call this a success.

5 July 2019: Sandcastle Competition
Through work I volunteered to help a local school in a sandcastle competition. Our entry featured this giant turtle. We didn't win, but it was a fun morning at the beach.

4 July 2019: Tennis
I'm no tennis fan but I did spend a few minutes watching Wimbledon on the big screen at the hippy green.

3 July 2019: Toilet Redecoration
The toilets on my floor at work have been decorated. My initial thought was "bloody hell it's bright in here!" but after that I was more concerned about the fact that the toilets don't flush properly and one of the cubicle locks is missing. But hey, we've had a lick of paint.

2 July 2019: Meditation
This app - Insight Timer - is my new favourite. Sitting peacefully listening to rainfall or chilled music is really good for my head.

1 July 2019: Venlafaxine
I've been on sertraline for some time now and lately I haven't felt as though it's been working as well for me. After a chat with my GP I was prescribed a different sort of antidepressant, which I'd never actually heard of before today.