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17 August 2019: Alpaca
It was worth going to a flower festival (in Matfen) just to see this cute little face.

16 August 2019: Reading
I've neglected my reading lately, so I tried to get some in before having an early night.

15 August 2019: Amends
Thankfully I still have a few steps to go before I tackle this one.

14 August 2019: Hymns
I don't know what these hymns are but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know them.

13 August 2019: Sally
I'm slowly training Sally to be a proper cat and claw at balls of wool.

12 August 2019: Popcorn Chicken
I've felt ill ever since getting back from High Force (it's almost like being cold and soaking wet all day isn't a good idea), so this popcorn chicken was an attempt to make myself feel better.

11 August 2019: High Force
When I left the house this morning I was expecting to go to a meeting then chill out watching TV for the rest of the day. Instead I was one of 10 people in recovery who got into cars and drove to High Force. It was a wet day but really fun, and the weather cleared up just in time for us to have a picnic at one of the viewing points.

10 August 2019: Carvery
My only 3 requirements for sharing at an AA meeting: pepsi max, biscuit, contribution to the pot.

9 August 2019: George Street Leaflet
Here's a leaflet showing some of the excellent work that George Street Social does in Newcastle.

8 August 2019: Clan Ties
I'm embracing my Scottish heritage and my love of ties with this purchase. Davidson (McDade) on the left, Moffat on the right.

7 August 2019: Starbucks Orange
I still haven't mastered the art of going for "coffee".

6 August 2019: Carvery
Kevin is back from Ecuador for a few days so I met him and Lisa for something he has missed while he's been away.. a good old carvery!

5 August 2019: Grammar
This mug has some handy tips for those who struggle with grammar.

4 August 2019: Coconut Jerry
Jerry hasn't been out in a while, so he's working on his tan.

3 August 2019: PROGRESS:ON
Nass and Sophie's house parties have expanded so much that a bigger venue is needed these days! Foundenton has been rebranded as PROGRESS:ON and it was a super fun day in the sun.

2 August 2019: Cakes!
There's always cakes at work for one reason or another. Annoyingly, one of them was Baileys, so I didn't try that one.

1 August 2019: Stress Dice
Colin read my mood perfectly today and came back from his lunch break with a stress toy for me to squeeze.