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12 June 2024: Meat Thermometer
Our old one broke so we got this fancy one as a replacement.

11 June 2024: Euro Chart
Euro 2024 is starting soon so I shall be keeping track of the results using this wall chart, kindly provided by Mam!

10 June 2024: Cat Bum
There's nothing like waking up with a cat's bum in your face.

9 June 2024: Toe Socks
My new toe socks have arrived! Noirin and Emmett are disgusted by the thought of them but I like my toes being in their own compartments.

8 June 2024: Church
A church I'd never been to before today - St James's United Reformed Church.

7 June 2024: New Merch Day
The new Newcastle shirt was released today. I didn't buy one but I did go for a quick look at it.

6 June 2024: Sunny Bigg Market
The early morning sun really brings out the distinct aromas of the Bigg Market.

5 June 2024: BP Readings
I used the "pod" at the doctor's surgery to check my blood pressure.

4 June 2024: Grotty Bin
This bin at my bus stop is one of the grottiest I've seen in a while. It even has a lovely sludge at the bottom.

3 June 2024: Pineapple Shirt
It has been entirely too long since I've bought an item of clothing with a food theme.

2 June 2024: Bench
I went for a walk through Havannah Nature Reserve. I do really like rustic looking bench.

1 June 2024: Scary
When I saw this in the passenger seat of a van I did briefly think it was my own reflection.