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25 May 2022: Duck
Working from home means an opportunity to go for a morning walk and catch up with the ducks.

24 May 2022: Joseph
We had a family trip to the Theatre Royal to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

23 May 2022: Impulse Hat
I'm practically incapable of only buying things I need and not throwing a wildcard into the basket at the last minute. This is my latest impulse purchase.

22 May 2022: Peace
I found a really peaceful spot in Holywell Dene to relax and meditate for a while.

21 May 2022: North Gosforth Chapel
A local landmark that I found myself near completely by accident while out on a walk.

20 May 2022: Shy Bairns
One of my favourite phrases, on the wall of a coffee shop.

19 May 2022: Extras
I ordered Jim and Betty some tulips for their table... then I noticed a miniature dog poo, so they've ended up with a dog and a poo.

18 May 2022: Line
There are few things my adult self loves more than getting my clothes dried on the line.

17 May 2022: Hula Hoop?
Yes, believe it or not, this is actually a new-fangled version of a hula hoop. I'm still yet to work out how it is a) pieced together and b) used.

16 May 2022: Skips
Until recently I'd forgotten what an awesome snack these are.

15 May 2022: Warkworth Walk
Aidan led the way for a lot of this walk, with me and Kat doing a poor job of keeping up with him!

14 May 2022: Mam's Birthday
We went round to Mam's to sit in the garden on a beautiful sunny afternoon and eat cheesecake. I hid in the shade!

13 May 2022: Sally's Sofa
Sally now has her own sofa. Amazingly, it's the first thing we've bought for her that she actually liked from the start.

12 May 2022: High Level
I went to a meeting in Low Fell and after debating whether to get the bus I decided to walk there after work.

11 May 2022: Fabric
Facebook gave me an advert for a suitmaking company so while browsing I spotted an opportunity to receive some free fabric.

10 May 2022: Keel Row
Ali's belated birthday meal saw us at the Keel Row for an evening of food and family time.

9 May 2022: Rainbow Ladder
Also known as: random picture in the window of a gallery I pass every day.

8 May 2022: Cup and Ring Markings
Another afternoon spent walking up and down hills looking at rocks for the purposes of one of Kat's projects! No complaints from me though, it was a beautiful day out near Rothbury and I got a 7 mile walk out of it.

7 May 2022: Raj
We met Rachel and Brenda for a meal at Last Days of the Raj. This is my sort of Saturday night - out at 17:00 and home by 20:15.

6 May 2022: WFH Hair
When I work from home I don't always bother to dry my hair.. and this is the result.

5 May 2022: Slippers #527
Yet another new pair of slippers, because I burn through them at an alarming rate.

4 May 2022: Plant
This plant arrived from Chris. I'm sure I've been told what it is, but obviously I've forgotten!

3 May 2022: Chicken Dinner
When it's been a boring day you get a photo of my tea.

2 May 2022: Combo
My new shirt and t-shirt combo, because it's fantastic.

1 May 2022: Lamp
We got a new lamp for the sitting room so the bedside lamp can go back to the bedroom.