2021: In Pictures

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16 April 2021: Bowl
Noirin recently finished a blanket she was making, which she exchanged for this lovely bowl, handmade by our friend Mark.

15 April 2021: Ordnance Survey
I finally caved and bought a proper map of Newcastle and the surrounding area. It came with a free digital download so I can also access it on my phone.

14 April 2021: Cathedral
The cathedral was looking beautiful in the sun today! Unfortunately I was at work so couldn't enjoy much of this nice day.

13 April 2021: Morpeth Walk
Noirin had an appointment in Morpeth so I tagged along and went for a walk while she was there.

12 April 2021: Shadow Man
This may be overly deep as a caption, but I wonder how many people are currently feeling a shadow of their former self after a difficult year.

11 April 2021: Pill Refill
My favourite job of the week is refilling Noirin's pill box with her prescription medications and vitamins.

10 April 2021: Lambs
There were so many lambs around Matfen and Ingoe when I was walking today. I loved how these ones lined up perfectly for a photo before skipping off to play somewhere else.

9 April 2021: Evening View
I felt very low on energy earlier in the day but got a second wind later on so had an evening stroll up Weetslade Hill.

8 April 2021: Bus Wait
I was back at work for a training day today and, having found certain parts of the day frustrating, I was pleased to reach the point where I was waiting for the bus to go home.

7 April 2021: Rising Sun Walk
I went for two walks today as I wanted to ensure I took over 10,000 steps. The second and more relaxed walk of the day involved a trip to the Rising Sun with Ali and Holly.

6 April 2021: Hailstorm
I went for a walk, hoping I would manage to avoid the occasional hailstorms we've been having today. When I looked across the landscape I was pleased I'd chosen to walk in this direction.

5 April 2021: The Line
A walk up the line is a fairly safe option when I can't really be bothered to decide where to walk. I managed to drag over 3.5 miles out of it, so my tactic clearly worked.

4 April 2021: Lamb Dinner
I haven't made a lamb Sunday dinner in absolutely ages so Easter was the perfect opportunity.

3 April 2021: Beach Ice Cream
I met Rachel and Elsie for a walk at Blyth Beach. Of course we had to get ice cream to keep our strength up.

2 April 2021: Nightingale
We took Ali to the Nightingale Hospital in Sunderland for her first covid vaccination.

1 April 2021: Giant Spoon
While walking down a different path between Seghill and Cramlington I came across this giant spoon. I've seen photos of it before but I had no idea it was so close to my house.