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10 August 2020: Orange Lillies
The red and yellow lillies came out a few days ago but I was waiting for the orange ones to show up and here they are!

9 August 2020: Divine Connection
This was a lovely meditation for a peaceful Sunday.

8 August 2020: Bathroom - After
What a transformation! We're blown away with how good it looks. Well worth the money and the hard work that went into it.

7 August 2020: Plaque
John did us a huge favour by finally attaching the plaque to Maggie's bench. He even gave it a polish first, what a bloke!

6 August 2020: Oops
This little box was hanging from a frayed cable in the corner of the bathroom window. When John, who's been doing the work on our bathroom, asked if he should remove it I said of course he should, it looks old and pointless. It turned out to be entry point for the phone line coming into the house so the wifi promptly went off and I had to ring BT to confess to being an idiot and ask for an engineer to fix it.

5 August 2020: Welfare Wriggles
A quick run around the field along at the Welfare was an opportunity for Holly to wriggle on the ground like a lunatic.

4 August 2020: Step 12 Homework
My work through the 12 steps continues - these are my latest set of questions to answer for step 12.

3 August 2020: Bathroom - Before
Works starts today on our new bathroom. I will not be sorry to see the back of this hideous room.

2 August 2020: Return of the Unicorn
I realised I haven't worn my unicorn slippers for a while so they've been brought back into circulation. The cat is not a fan!

1 August 2020: Beanbag Chair
The chair I was using in the Zoom Shed was so uncomfortable that the floor had become a better option. This beanbag chair from Argos is my solution.