2022: In Pictures

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28 June 2022: Rise Against
I've been wanting to build up a stock of band t-shirts so when I had an Amazon voucher to spend this was my first purchase.

27 June 2022: Percy
I wasn't thrilled to be back at work after a nice week off but it was improved by receiving some lovely birthday presents from my team. This is a Percy Pig bag filled with lots of Percy-based treats.

26 June 2022: Hulne Priory
I went for a walk round Hulne Park in Alnwick with Noirin, Kat and Aidan. It included a look around the ruins of the priory.

25 June 2022: Cards
Standard post-birthday card picture!

24 June 2022: 37th Birthday
Not the most exciting age to reach but I feel happy and healthy today so that's all that matters.

23 June 2022: Cath Kidston the Third
I needed a new backpack so I've gone for my third Cath Kidston one in a row as my birthday present from Mam.

22 June 2022: Heat or Eat
It's a very hot (for Newcastle) 22 degrees celsius today, so I got my walk out of the way in the morning. After a cold bath I was ready to eat, although I'm assuming the message was more of a social commentary on the current cost of living.

21 June 2022: Beach Morning
Me and Ali took Holly for an early walk and swim at Seaton Sluice before it got too hot.

20 June 2022: Door
One of many scultures situated on my walk from Seaburn to St Peter's via Roker pier/beach.

19 June 2022: XBox
Emmett arrived yesterday, and like a true hapless step-parent I agreed he needed an Xbox to entertain himself over the summer.

18 June 2022: Back Massager
An Aldi middle aisle special, which proved to be an excellent purchase.

17 June 2022: Sambucas
I went for a nice meal with friends, which is something I don't do very often, but one of us had a milestone to celebrate so I wouldn't miss that!

16 June 2022: Pride Cards
I didn't know these were a thing, but it's pride month so I guess even card shops have a rainbow vibe at the moment.

15 June 2022: Spare Bedroom
It only took two years for us to have a spare bedroom that actually looks like a bedroom!

14 June 2022: Scottish Dan
Looks more like a bus seat to me.

13 June 2022: Windows Updates
I thought I'd switched my laptop on in plenty of time for my 18:30 Zoom meeting. The updates I've been snoozing for weeks had other ideas.

12 June 2022: Milk Train?
Forest Hall has snazzier bins than some areas round here!

11 June 2022: Rest - Remember - Reflect
I noticed this recently and took a closer look today. It's a memorial feature next to Killingworth Lake.

10 June 2022: Under the Bridge
After work I went for a walk through Jesmond Dene since it was such a nice evening.

9 June 2022: Airing
Our tumble dryer isn't working so while we wait for it to be repaired we're back to the old fashioned way of drying clothes.

8 June 2022: Corruption
I guess someone didn't enjoy the recent Platinum Jubilee.

7 June 2022: Physio
I've had pain in my lower back for around 6 months now so today I went to the hospital to see the physiotherapist.

6 June 2022: Badly Drawn Highlighter
My best effort at drawing my highlighter. Good thing I wasn't banking on a career as an artist.

5 June 2022: Caramilk Marble
I've wanted to try these since I heard they were available in B&M. It did not disappoint.

4 June 2022: Kitchen Items
Our new plates and wooden implements arrived today. I like that the plates have sides because I'm a sloppy eater.

3 June 2022: Paddle
The sea was cold, but it's always nice to dip my feet.

2 June 2022: Sherrie's Fair
We popped along to Blyth to give Sherrie some moral support for selling her craft items. She didn't need it - we had to fight through a crowd to get to her table!

1 June 2022: Walking Shoes
I love my walking boots but they're a bit chunky for my more gentle walks, so I bought these. They're super comfy - Berghaus is yet to let me down in the footwear department.