2021: In Pictures

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23 October 2021: Melt
Snacking for a lazy person: sourdough bread and cheese, in the microwave for 30 seconds.

22 October 2021: Lightbulbs
The last bulb out of 3 has been keeping us dimly lit for a while now but it finally gave up this morning. That meant a stressful trip to Morrisons for replacements, and a silent prayer that the ones I grabbed would fit.

21 October 2021: New Vest
This sweater vest was 6 in a charity shop. I'm trying not to think about the possibility that an old man died in it.

20 October 2021: Tap Rage
The tap on the left is irritating me. It's recently been fixed after a drip, but now the handles point upwards in the off position instead of horizontal, which differs from every other tap in the building.

19 October 2021: Wine Boots
I saw these on the same website I got brown boots from a few months ago. I would never have paid the 170 or so that they were advertised for but when checking out whether I could make use of free shipping for a limited period, I noticed they were down to 40.

18 October 2021: Magnet
I managed to limit myself to one item from the cheesy gift shops we visited this weekend.

17 October 2021: Alpaca Walk
We went on a stroll with alpacas at Bierhope near Kelso. My alpaca was called Graffiti and he was the herd leader, very chilled and well behaved. I had an absolute blast, and learned that alpacas smell like popcorn and never get sick of carrots.

16 October 2021: Seahouses
Instead of a holiday this year, we went to Seahouses for a one night mini-break. It was cold but it's totally worth it when you're by the sea and wrapped up warm!

15 October 2021: Noirin's Birthday
Unfortunately she was working today but I'm looking foward to a nice weekend together.

14 October 2021: Rising Sun
I followed a route I found on the Ordnance Survey app from Gosforth to Palmersville, but I had to take a minor detour to go right to the top of this hill at the Rising Sun.

13 October 2021: Pourgouri
Ria recommended this dish yesterday. It features bulgur wheat and vermicelli, and was bloody tasty.

12 October 2021: George Street
I haven't been here just to hang out for so long! It was great to be back.

11 October 2021: Evening Clouds
I love taking the time to appreciate a beautiful sunset.

10 October 2021: Orange Aero Cheesecake
I met Rachel at Claud's Dessert Parlour. From the moment I saw it, this orange beauty was calling my name.

9 October 2021: Delaval Obelisk
I was like an excited puppy this morning, knowing I could go for a walk. Maybe I didn't need to do over 7.5 miles, but I enjoyed every second of it.

8 October 2021: Good Vibes
My last day of isolation! I feel much better physically so I'm just keen to get outside at this stage. To keep myself in a positive mindset I wore my new Veronica Dearly sweatshirt.

7 October 2021: Takeover
Finally! The news Newcastle fans have waited years to hear. The club has been taken over, and despite any concerns about the new owners, we can at least have a little bit of hope for the future.

6 October 2021: Alphabites
Behaving like a child makes me feel better, ok?

5 October 2021: Rainy Day
As far as I'm concerned the weather can stay like this for my whole 10 days of isolation. That way I won't feel like I'm missing out!

4 October 2021: Guardian
Sally has barely left my side over the last few days while I've been ill. She's a top guardian!

3 October 2021: Temperature
I haven't had a fever so far but I'm keeping an eye on my temperature anyway.

2 October 2021: Brushing the Mat
The covid fatigue hit me badly today so my usual Saturday chores were very scaled down and took a lot of energy out of me. Removing Sally's fluff from the mat wasn't too bad as I could sit down for that.

1 October 2021: Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book
This should keep me occupied during isolation!