2024: In Pictures

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January 2024

19 February 2024: Flowers
Our beautiful wedding flowers.

18 February 2024: Ring
I didn't want a snazzy wedding ring so I settled on this black one. I've been really surprised by how natural it feels on my finger.

17 February 2024: Wedding Day
I married Noirin in a simple ceremony surrounded by family. It was every bit as wonderful as I hoped.

16 February 2024: Reception Room
With help from Rebs and Ali we set the room up for our wedding meal.

15 February 2024: Surprise
I surprised myself by paying for a haircut instead of doing it myself.

14 February 2024: Mrs & Mrs
It was my last day at work before getting married so my lovely colleagues were really generous with gifts and well wishes.

13 February 2024: Panda
I wonder if he looks so aggressive because he's defending the Gay Gotham behind him.

12 February 2024: Maths Paper
As Emmett prepares for his GCSEs, our house is increasingly like a maths classroom.

11 February 2024: Field
Finally the rain cleared up and I got out for a walk.

10 February 2024: Vegetable Patch
A visit to Nass and Sophie was absolutely an opportunity to play with Skye's toys.

9 February 2024: Octopus
Hopefully the energy provided by Octopus isn't generated from the frantic flailing of 8 legs.

8 February 2024: Wrestling DVD
This was a present from Steve as he knows I like wrestling. Must try and dig out a DVD player...

7 February 2024: Valentine?
This dude looks depressed, like maybe he's already been dumped.

6 February 2024: Trace
Public artwork: Grainger Market style.

5 February 2024: Tuna Lunch
I was working from home and had to pop out for a few errands so I grabbed this for lunch.

4 February 2024: St Cuthbert's Cave
Today I explored this cave during a walk with Kat and Aidan.

3 February 2024: Newcastle 4-4 Luton
I had a cracking seat for a match which took me through every possible emotion.

2 February 2024: Brush
I don't have much use for this sort of brush.

1 February 2024: Moon Trail
It looked better in real life than it does on an iphone camera.