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21 September 2017: Frisky Turkey
I found this sandwich at the airport amusing but decided to stick with ham and cheese.

20 September 2017: Hertha BSC 2-1 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
We got talking to the two German men standing in front of us and the game was great fun!

19 September 2017: Alexanderplatz
We alwasys stay in the Alexanderplatz sort of area when we go to Berlin so this was a sign that we were almost at the hotel.

18 September 2017: Smiley Cut
Ali had a cut on her arm so I made it look happy.

17 September 2017: Back Fields
It was a bit breezy as I strolled across the back fields this morning.

16 September 2017: Casper
Ali and I had a long overdue catchup with Sara and Katy, and their two little boys, James and Casper. Katy loves giraffes as much as I do so we're trying to get Casper interested in them.

15 September 2017: YYZ
My favourite thing to see in a game of registration plate doubles is YYZ.

14 September 2017: Laptop Bag
Michael went to a gig so I had the task of getting his laptop bag home safely.

13 September 2017: Quiz Food
We popped round to the Grey Horse to have a few drinks with Sam on his birthday and didn't stay for the quiz but watched the free plates of food being prepared.

12 September 2017: Bundesliga Tickets
We're returning to Berlin in a week, just for a couple of nights, to see Hertha BSC take on Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

11 September 2017: Bunting
I turned my coat into some sort of bunting looking thing, for no real reason.

10 September 2017: Fake PB
As I mentioned the other day, I sold my Great North Run place to somebody else, so I was amused to see that I had beaten my personal best without leaving the house!

9 September 2017: Mark's Night
The Wheatsheaf held a charity night in memory of our friend Mark, who died earlier this year. It was a nice touch to have his picture and a pint for him placed on the bar, and even better that a plaque was unveiled for him.

8 September 2017: Pool Wars
Another exciting Friday night featuring Michael v Jordan at pool. Michael won 5-3.

7 September 2017: People's Theatre
I don't actually think I've ever been in here, but I've been past it plenty times.

6 September 2017: Polo Shirt
I bought this polo shirt yesterday. It's actually from the men's section but I suppose I have always been a tomboy.. and anyway, isn't everything gender neutral these days?

5 September 2017: Self-Service Malfunction
All of the self-service machines in Tesco had some sort of mechanical error, so I was forced to queue.

4 September 2017: Egg Nan
We had takeaway curry to celebrate.. well, nothing other than our own laziness. I had an egg nan for the first time, which was pretty nice.

3 September 2017: Just Awful
These are some of the worst trainers I've ever seen.

2 September 2017: Heaton Stannington 1-0 Blyth AFC
First Northern League game of this season! Heaton Stannington was the easiest option to get to today, and we were rewarded with a win.

1 September 2017: Dog & Scone
I went with Fay and Sara to the dog cafe near work. Fay was in her element when she got to cuddle a pug!