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12 May 2021: Cards
This was the most interesting doodle I saw on the walk from the bus stop to work.

11 May 2021: #NCL
Presumably in case I forget which city I'm in.

10 May 2021: How to Wash
After over a year of living in a pandemic, I suppose it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.

9 May 2021: Lily Beetle
We thought we'd got rid of the lilies which were planted last year, so that Sally could go in the back garden, Somehow they're back, and they have lily beetles.

8 May 2021: New Estate Water
The walk I went on today took me through a recently built housing estate. I don't know if this is supposed to be a pond, or if it's just where some water has ended up.

7 May 2021: Advice
I'm 100% certain that I do need your advice.

6 May 2021: New Walking Boots
I've been wanting new boots for months and finally bit the bullet and bought some. I'm excited to get out and test them at the weekend.

5 May 2021: Amici Pizza
Ali and I went to help move Mam's bed back into place following removal of the hospital bed, finally! We took the opportunity to have a family takeaway from Amici.

4 May 2021: The Girl in the Woods
I love this author but unfortunately I wasn't able to make much progress on the book today due to noisy people on the bus!

3 May 2021: Work Clothes
Preparation is everything if I'm going to survive a full time return to work.

2 May 2021: Temple of Mithras
It was Aidan's choice of walk today and Kat has taught him well, as he chose Hadrian's Wall. This meant we could go and see the Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh.

1 May 2021: Ali's Birthday
Ali will be 40 in a few days, but since Tuesday isn't the best day of the week for getting the family together, we celebrated today. After a morning at Barter Books in Alnwick we gathered round in her garden to chat and eat party food and it was just what we all needed. Sue joined us shortly after this photo and Nass and Sophie video called from Cyprus, so nobody was left out!