2010: In Pictures

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30 April 2010: Lemonade Budget
Owing to my new holiday saving plan, my bank holiday weekend started with a pint of lemonade.

29 April 2010: Drugs
A selection of the drugs available in Boots.

28 April 2010: Vegas!
Holiday in Vegas.. booked!

27 April 2010: Freeman Hospital
The garden of the Freeman Hospital, where I went for an NHS back rub to help my bad shoulder.

26 April 2010: Green Tea
I'm not a tea drinker but I agreed to try some green tea. I'm not sure what's the matter with the colouring of the photo, but it looked digusting (and didn't taste much better).

25 April 2010: Monet
This picture hangs in my bedroom.. I'd been out for a lovely barbecue but forgot to take my phone so couldn't snap a picture while I was out.

24 April 2010: Champions! (1)
Newcastle's lap of honour after being presented with the Championship Trophy following a 2-2 draw with Ipswich.

23 April 2010: St George's Day
The writing on a lovely free hat from The Salutation, Tynemouth.

22 April 2010: Cake Competition - The Final
The last entry - Carol's fruit flan. This was also the winner!

21 April 2010: Oddfellows
A picture from The Wheatsheaf Pub.

20 April 2010: Perfume
Uneventful day, so this is what I smell like.

19 April 2010: Champions!
A terrible photo of the big screen at Yates' showing Newcastle fans invading the pitch after winning 2-0 at Plymouth to win the Championship.

18 April 2010: Hangover Cure
It just about worked as well.

17 April 2010: Matthew & Lucy's Party
Michael and I a little bit drunk at Matthew & Lucy's engagement party.

16 April 2010: Newcastle U18s 0-1 Aston Villa U18s
Newcastle lost (undeservedly) in the Youth Cup Semi Final 2nd leg and went out of the competition in front of almost 5,000 fans.. mostly in the East Stand, hence the empty seats elsewhere.

15 April 2010: Cake Competition - Penultimate Week
Olwyn's chocolate & raspberry cheesecake.

14 April 2010: Tyne
A view of the River Tyne as I set out for a walk along the Quayside.

13 April 2010: New Hat
One of two new hats that I have recently purchased.

12 April 2010: Blue Sky
Beautiful blue sky.. shame I was at work all day.

11 April 2010: Tynemouth Priory
Went for a walk around Tynemouth as it was a lovely sunny day.

10 April 2010: The Other View
The alternative view from Level 7 at St James' Park.

9 April 2010: Kitchen Sink
Well ok, pub bathroom sink. This lives in The Vineyard, where I also saw the wonderful Nobby Solano the same night.

8 April 2010: Cake Competition - Week.. Seven?
Paul's ring-shaped blueberry muffin with cream cheese icing. If nothing else, we all learned that there are two kinds of sour cream.

7 April 2010: Shot Glass
This little lad started out life at Hull (A) last season. Then ended up in my bag along with 4 of his brothers. Oops.

6 April 2010: Making Curry
We made curry.. Michael was in charge of chicken. Yes I know it looks like a lot, and it was. The gin did not feature in the dish.

5 April 2010: Promotion!
Newcastle achieve promotion to the Premier League, shortly before beating Sheffield United 2-1.

4 April 2010: Washing
The huge pile of washing which I could absolutely not be bothered to do. So I didn't.

3 April 2010: Peterborough 2-3 Newcastle
Yes it happened.. I saw Newcastle win away! This picture shows the lads celebrating Shola's goal to make it 3-1.

2 April 2010: Good Friday
An eventful Good Friday included us getting thrown out of The Hancock (the pub, not the museum). It all kicked off as a result of some of our glasses getting collected despite not being finished with. This was Graham's attempt in the next pub to ensure the safety of his bottle while going out for a cigarette.

1 April 2010: Dance City
My faith in my country is sky high as I realise my local polling station is.. Dance City.