2010: In Pictures

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31 August 2010: Dad's Birthday
It was my Dad's birthday, which is the ONLY reason I allowed him to pull this terrifying face.

30 August 2010: Stowell Street Improvements
This is a plan of the changes to be made to Stowell Street, starting.. soon. There were 2 options and I forgot to vote, so I hope they picked the best one.

29 August 2010: Scary
This was a "bored and there's an ad break" pose which turned out creepier than expected, so it was a keeper. Check the spots out too. I'm 25 ffs, I thought acne was a teenage thing.

28 August 2010: Sue's Birthday
Today we went out for lunch at Scalini's (Gosforth) for my Auntie Sue's birthday. Clockwise from the bottom left, we have: Michael, Sophie (with mad eyes), Nasser, Stu, Ali, Sue, Chris, Mam & Gran.

27 August 2010: Cab Five
This is a new snowboard shop opening near mine. I know nothing about snowboarding, but if you do.. check it out. Or something. I don't like this logo very much, by the way.

26 August 2010: Darkness
I don't know why this photo came out so ridiculously dark.. but that cloud was quite harsh.

25 August 2010: Waiting Room
The waiting room at my doctors. I would've taken a better photo, but someone was already giving me strange looks and I actually wanted to get to my appointment without being kicked out.

24 August 2010: 32 Ball
One for my collection of photos of the number 32 - some balls in Wilkinson.

23 August 2010: Soggy Foot
I absolutely hate having wet feet. Thanks, rain.

22 August 2010: Newcastle 6-0 Aston Villa
Revenge is best served cold, and on a glorious sunny day that is exactly what happened. "You're not laughing anymore" was directed at the Villa fans as goals from Carroll (3), Nolan (2) and Barton made up for the awful trip to Villa Park which resulted in our relegation last time round in the Premier League.

21 August 2010: Viva B&Q
We went to B&Q to buy some fuses and ended up buying this picture. Doesn't really fit in with the Monet pictures provided by our landlord, but we've squeezed it onto the wall anyway.

20 August 2010: Greenery
Afternoon off work = 3 mile jog. Ok, I walked some of it because I was too hot. This is the view from Grandstand Road looking back into town.

19 August 2010: Luckies
An article in the Chronicle about how Luckies is going to become a(nother) Wetherspoons. I already miss the Luckies BOGOF days.

18 August 2010: Post-it
Our weekly forecast of evictions and completions. Business is sort of quiet at the moment.

17 August 2010: Water Leak
We had to turn the water off because of a leak. Thankfully someone came to fix it the next day.

16 August 2010: Fork That
I got this fork with some pineapple. It was tiny, and utterly hopeless. I guess that's my fault for being lazy and buying packaged pineapple. The pen is included for scale.

15 August 2010: Battered
Feeling slightly battered after staying over at Ali & Stu's.

14 August 2010: Holystone
Drinks at the Holystone with Ali, Stu, Michael & Fear.

13 August 2010: Bar
Drink.. drink.. DRINK!!

12 August 2010: Building Site
I've been jogging past this car park & building site most mornings. I don't know what they're building, but I think some of the workers waiting to start their shift were a little confused as to why I was taking a photo.

11 August 2010: Files
A selection of files we use at work. Not quite completely paperless yet..

10 August 2010: Butterfly
It's been there for a while. I think it's dead.

9 August 2010: Recovery
Today's jog did not go well as I think I'm coming down with a cold or something. My recovery consisted of crashing on the floor with some juice.. which was far too strong.

8 August 2010: Tesco Vouchers
Yup, it's that time again! I've racked up a whopping 9's worth of vouchers to assist with my pre-payday shopping. The writing on the left-hand side is yesterday's takeaway order. I have no idea why this photo is in black and white.

7 August 2010: Rangers 2-1 Newcastle
Mak, Matty and Michael can't contain their excitement as the new season draws closer.

6 August 2010: Donnay
Rocking the retro brand names. I think I've had this polo shirt about 10 years.

5 August 2010: Evil Cartman
An evil (and slightly too skinny) Cartman toy in the teddy picker at the Newton. It wasn't there later, so someone went home happy.

4 August 2010: New Season Ticket & Biscuits
Wonderfully tacky new season ticket and some biscuits my Mam brought back from her holidays.

3 August 2010: Bird
A bird sitting around in the street. I think it was a pigeon but I'm not great with birds. I also think it may have been injured, because it didn't move much.

2 August 2010: Germolene
Yeah, ok, boring day. And shaky hands!

1 August 2010: Skittles
Drinking a delicious Skittles cocktail.