2010: In Pictures


31 December 2010: New Years Eve
So, my year long project is complete. Nicole, myself, James and Michael started off with a few drinks at ours before heading to Digital.

30 December 2010: Reading Material
The latest book I'm reading, which is borrowed from Heather. The giraffe is a bookmark which was a Christmas present from Nicola.

29 December 2010: Fog
Went for a stroll up Westgate Road and it was a lovely misty afternoon.

28 December 2010: New Footwear
To continue the trend of showing some of my Christmas presents - this is my new indoor footwear. Very comfy.

27 December 2010: New Gym Stuff
I don't see the point in waiting for New Year when I can get back to being healthy straight away, so off to the gym I went, armed with a new iPod Shuffle and water bottle.

26 December 2010: Newcastle 1-3 Manchester City
First Boxing Day home game in years. It didn't go well, but it was nice to see a layer of snow covering the SportsDirect.com markings on the Gallowgate roof.

25 December 2010: Christmas Dinner

24 December 2010: Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve in The Ship - Carolyn, Ali, Michael & Stu.

23 December 2010: Belgian Truffles
Some Belgian truffles I received from a provider at work. Really nice, but calorific.

22 December 2010: Work Christmas Lunch
The main course of our team's Christmas lunch buffet. I'm still trying to stick to some sort of diet so I tried not to overindulge. There was a bit of a row over the number of roast potatoes consumed by certain parties, but as you will see from this photo I only had one. And yes, I ate it with a spoon... as I do most things, if I can get away with it. I contributed the crackers, by the way.

21 December 2010: Michael's Birthday
The card I bought for Michael. The accuracy is really quite creepy.

20 December 2010: Christmas Cards
4 so far. We're dead popular.

19 December 2010: 3D Glasses
Went to see Tron Legacy in 3D and ended up with some glasses for 1 each. Despite having normal glasses and a backup 3D pair, I still managed to look bong-eyed in this photo. No comment on Michael's impression of a simpleton.

18 December 2010: Hibernation
With the Newcastle game (Birmingham away) called off and very few other games actually on, Soccer Saturday was not the most interesting Saturday afternoon TV so I decided to hibernate and watch Addams Family Values.

17 December 2010: Wrapping
For what is possibly the first time ever, I wrapped my Christmas presents on a day other than Christmas Eve.

16 December 2010: Advent Calendar
Pet hate time. Adults who count things down in "sleeps". Needless to say I wasn't best pleased to find this behind the door, but I suppose they are aimed at kids anyway...

15 December 2010: Metro Changes
Fenced off bits at Benton Metro. As usual with these things they're doing their best to make it as annoying as possible for people using the station.

14 December 2010: Card Reader
Since my laptop stopped recognising when my phone was plugged in, this has become an incredibly important purchase. 1.90 well spent.

13 December 2010: Grey Street
Grey Street and the Christmas lights.

12 December 2010: Vodka
After having started drinking the previous day at 1.30pm I still had plenty of supplies. Thankfully I took an executive decision to call it a night shortly after this photo.

11 December 2010: Protest
Some fans protest against Mike Ashley before Newcastle beat Liverpool 3-1.

10 December 2010: The Beer Angel
Last year was Heather and this year Marie has the pleasure of sitting at the top of our Christmas tree at work.

9 December 2010: Pardew
Mike Ashley hires Alan Pardew as the new Newcastle manager. This decision wasn't much of a surprise, but it wasn't particularly well received.

8 December 2010: Ironing
Preparing my work clothes for the next day, for a change.

7 December 2010: BB Gun
I have had this for years, for no apparent reason.

6 December 2010: Hughton Sacked
A surprise decision by owner Mike Ashley to sack Newcastle boss Chris Hughton, who will be remembered by the fans for some brilliant victories including 5-1 against Sunderland and 6-0 against Aston Villa and for generally being one of our more pleasant managers.

5 December 2010: Christmas Party
Victoria and Rachel at our team's Christmas party at the Royal Station Hotel.

4 December 2010: Icicles
These were hanging down from the balcony above so I didn't dare step out.

3 December 2010: Milton
I like to keep my hands nice and clean at work.

2 December 2010: More Snow
Who the hell brings a bike out in the snow? Apologies for the terrible quality - I was hurrying to get home before my fingers and toes froze off.

1 December 2010: Gym Stuff
My locker key and water bottle.