2010: In Pictures

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28 February 2010: Frozen Stella
For those moments when you really need to cool down. Or for those when you accidentally leave a couple of cans in the freezer overnight.

27 February 2010: Heavy Rain - The Game
Michael purchased Heavy Rain for the PS3, so I suspect I will see a lot of this. It began with getting the guy ready for the day.

26 February 2010: Heavy Rain - The Weather
This cheap, crap umbrella has lasted a lot longer than the more expensive ones I have owned.

25 February 2010: Cake Competition - Round 1
My team's cake baking competition got underway with Margaret's lemon cake.

24 February 2010: Desk
The contents of my desk at work. Teddy + elastic band ball, hand sanitiser, whale, Tetley man, post-its, cow, cup mat thingy, duck, and my swear box right on the end.

23 February 2010: Debenhams
The new Debenhams which has recently opened in town.

22 February 2010: Snowy Tree
More snow! Noooo...!

21 February 2010: Mangled Finger
The horrific wound I suffered at the hands of.. a staple!

20 February 2010: NOFC 0-8 Preston Invincibles
Our supporters team, NOFC, played against the Preston lot. Not a great scoreline, but our lads are just starting out. In this photo, our captain John meets the Preston captain and the officials. Thankfully the Newcastle/Preston match went a little better, as we won 3-0.

19 February 2010: Greyhounds
Work night out to the dogs at Sunderland. I had 4/12 winners, this was my race card.

18 February 2010: Washing
My washing/cleaning cupboard.

17 February 2010: Newcastle 4-1 Coventry City
Fairly comfortable home win. This is the ground from the outside not long before kick off.

16 February 2010: Pancake Day
Went to my Mam's for some delicious pancakes.

15 February 2010: Pigs
Me with my stuffed pig, Muddy.

14 February 2010: Chinese New Year
Stowell Street was packed as the parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year began.

13 February 2010: Swansea City 1-1 Newcastle
Watched the match on Sky with the flag hanging up. It kind of worked, as Newcastle scored a late equaliser to rescue a slightly undeserved point.

12 February 2010: George
Friday night pints at The Old George with the girls from work. Forgot to take a photo inside the pub, so quickly snapped one on the way out. As I do the same thing most Fridays, it's fair to say the girls will make an appearance at some point.

11 February 2010: Sloth
During a conversation with my sister, Ali, it came to light she didn't know what a sloth looked like. This was unfortunately my best effort.

10 February 2010: Living Room
Went to Michael's Mam's for tea. This is her living room.

9 February 2010: Simple Fun
The pop was on offer and Derby v Newcastle was on the radio. Didn't turn out to be too fun after all, as Derby won 3-0.

8 February 2010: Art
This picture hangs on the landing in my building. I'm no great fan of it, but nothing of note happened today.

7 February 2010: Jelly
Sorry, another food one. I made jelly, which was a little runny, but tasted nice.

6 February 2010: Breakfast
Add a night of alcohol after the match the night before, and a hangover is the result. So I had a rather pathetic looking cooked breakfast, shortly before getting asked for ID while using a fruit machine.

5 February 2010: Newcastle 5-1 Cardiff City
Demonstrating my multi chins. Michael looks a bit special, and Matty has his eyes closed. Great match though.

4 February 2010: Birdie
This little chap hanging on a door near my flat brightened my day.

3 February 2010: Tidying
Cleaning and tidying in readiness for a visit from the landlord..

2 February 2010: Meter
Eon stalked me for meter readings!

1 February 2010: Kiddy food
Delicious, and one of my 5 a day.