2010: In Pictures

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31 January 2010: Lazy Sunday
Listening to Radio Leipzig. Which basically plays English music.

30 January 2010: Out in Town
Ali & Carolyn browsing the map in Baby Lynch. With half price drinks and free shots.

29 January 2010: Kevin's birthday night out
Paula, Kevin, Joanne and Martin. Taken to prove Martin & Paula still exist, as they are now retired from clubbing.

28 January 2010: Deutsch
New purchase! The colour aspect was a let down.. basically the words are in blue.

27 January 2010: Newcastle 2-0 Crystal Palace
The faithful Crystal Palace fans who turned up for the match shortly after their team went into administration.

26 January 2010: Carrots
Chopping what can only be described as a ridiculous amount of carrots.

25 January 2010: Shopping
The Co-op is where 90% of my pet hates originate. But I needed food..

24 January 2010: Wedding Fayre
Went to a Wedding Fayre with Mam & Ali. This was one of many displays of invitation styles.

23 January 2010: Curry
Had a very tasty curry at Latif's.

22 January 2010: Pizza + blokes
Michael had Fear, Mak and James round to take advantage of Dominos 50% off vouchers.

21 January 2010: Work Night Out
We went bowling and despite having a horrendous first game, I managed to win the second.

20 January 2010: Pub.. again
Drinks at the Newton: Dad, Steph, Stu, Ali & Katy.

19 January 2010: Bowling ball
This was taken to prove to my work colleagues that I am sad enough to own a bowling ball. Its name, according to the box, is Captain Fireball.

18 January 2010: NUFC 2-2 West Brom
The fog rolling down towards the pitch seconds before Peter Lovenkrands scored to make it 2-2 just days after the death of his father.

17 January 2010: Gran's birthday meal
Went for a meal at Amici for Gran's birthday - she was the only one brave enough to tackle a dessert.

16 January 2010: Pyjamas
Slightly tipsy with my comfy pyjamas on, and Michael in his hat.

15 January 2010: Graze.com
My first (and free) batch of snacks from Graze.com. Those Korean chilli rice crackers are amazing.

14 January 2010: Horoscope
Worryingly accurate for me today. I spend a lot of my time doing nothing, and putting off things that need doing.

13 January 2010: Socks
Went out to the pub, so took a leaf out of Mr Witton's book and tried a combination of socks. So here's a photo for sock fans..

12 January 2010: Tweetly tweet
Another sick day - messed around on Twitter for a bit.

11 January 2010: Pageturner.. or not
Off sick - boring day - read a book (The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver). Not his best work.

10 January 2010: Snotty
Got a rotten cold so today was spent mostly in the company of tissues and Lemsip capsules.

9 January 2010: Buffet
We had a party to celebrate Stu turning 30 and Stu & Ali's recent-ish engagement. I was on buffet duty (well ok, sandwiches). I was also on photo duty; thankfully most were better than this.

8 January 2010: Cat
A random cat left out in the snow. It tried to get into Ali's house and I nearly shut its head in the door. It was an accident, I swear.

7 January 2010: Stuart's 30th Birthday
Ali & Stu at the Newton on Stu's 30th birthday.

6 January 2010: Hospital 
This is what greeted me at Newcastle General Hospital when I went for an EMG test. No carpal tunnel for me though!

5 January 2010: Home
Arriving home from work on a cold and snowy day, sporting a beautiful scarf.

4 January 2010: Quayside
Hopefully one of many strolls along Newcastle Quayside this year. It was freezing cold, and the quality of the photo doesn't do the view justice.

3 January 2010: Darts
Watched the PDC World Darts Championship final in Union Rooms with a few pints of Strongbow & black. Taylor beat Whitlock.

2 January 2010: Nasser's birthday
The family went for a meal at Gusto to celebrate Nasser's 24th birthday. Clockwise from left: Sophie, Nass, Sue, Mam, Chris (leaning back), Rob (leaning forwards), Ali, Stu. The good thing about taking the photos is that I don't have to be in them. Shame it's a terrible photo, but I could only be bothered with the one attempt.

1 January 2010: Snow in Byker
Woke up to a beautiful layer of snow on New Years Day. The walk home was not quite as pleasant.