2010: In Pictures

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31 July 2010: Wine.. Guy?
Continuing my recent theme of cheap wine and TV, today we have 3.99 rose and Family Guy.

30 July 2010: Flip
My Pepsi prize - a Flip Mino HD camcorder. It's pretty good.

29 July 2010: Just Lion About
I think it's a lion, anyway.

28 July 2010: Blister
I've been going for a run most mornings. Unfortunately, this blister is the result. And yes, I popped it.

27 July 2010: Wise Words
Well, that's put me in my place.

26 July 2010: Bendy Finger
My finger bends backwards.

25 July 2010: Flycatcher
Stu poses proudly after successfully catching 2 flies in an empty pint glass.

24 July 2010: Greyhounds
Brough Park, Newcastle. I won absolutely nothing, from 12 races.

23 July 2010: Wine & Away
I messed around with the settings a little.. so this is basically me having a lazy Friday night with some wine and a few episodes of Home & Away.

22 July 2010: Westgate Road
Early morning walk/run.

21 July 2010: Pepsi Max Prize
After several days of entering a competition, I received an email from Pepsi telling me I'd won.

20 July 2010: Rain, Rain, Go Away
I'm no huge fan of sunny weather.. but come on. It's July.

19 July 2010: Payday
My payslip. I'd show you the contents, but you'd die laughing.

18 July 2010: 500

17 July 2010: Leazes Park (Again)
It was a lovely morning to go for a run. Apart from the swans, I hate swans.

16 July 2010: High Bridge
Not actually a bridge, just a street in Newcastle.

15 July 2010: Holes
I should really get some new tops to wear for work. This one is falling to pieces.

14 July 2010: Yellow Lines
As above.

13 July 2010: Trees
Trees in Leazes Park.

12 July 2010: Ketchup
This bottle is an absolute beast.

11 July 2010: Bread
The bread I buy is Tesco's own 'stay fresh' brand. The crust along the top always comes off. I do not know why.

10 July 2010: Grass
Grass on my arm, shortly after establishing that playing badminton outside in the wind is extremely difficult.

9 July 2010: Raoul Moat
The week long hunt for gunman Raoul Moat came to an end in Rothbury. This is the slightly surreal moment that Sky News reported that alcoholic ex-footballer Gazza had arrived to try and help negotiate with Moat.

8 July 2010: Badminton
After hunting around at my Mam's, I managed to find 3 badminton rackets, none of which are mine. Apparently though, the shuttlecocks are mine, as my name was on them.

7 July 2010: Leazes Park
Leazes Park with St James' Park in the background.

6 July 2010: Packaging Issues
I hate it when you try and peel something back and it only comes away round the edge, like this. Serves me right for buying pre-cooked chicken, I suppose.

5 July 2010: Socket
It was a boring day, ok?

4 July 2010: Wetherspoons
A selection of the offers at Wetherspoons. Is it just me who thinks that breakfast looks awful?

3 July 2010: Afternoon Stroll
Went for a stroll along the Gateshead side of the Tyne.

2 July 2010: Lovefilm
Lovefilm accidentally sent me 3 discs instead of 2.

1 July 2010: Metro
The Tyne & Wear Metro.