2010: In Pictures

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30 June 2010: Football
Went for a kickabout at Exhibition Park... then died of unfitness.

29 June 2010: Snack
Today's afternoon snack: Chilli Crackers. Pretty nice.

28 June 2010: Not At This Address
The back of an envelope which was returned to me at work. Someone was keen to let me know that the person I'd written to wasn't there.

27 June 2010: Germany 4-1 England
England crash out of the World Cup in embarrassing fashion. This is Lampard's goal that was deemed by the officials not to have crossed the line. Paddy Power still paid out, which was good for the purposes of my 3 bet.

26 June 2010: Argentina Shirt
New shirt which arrived today. Not sure what was going on with my photograph skills, but I couldn't be bothered to take another one.

25 June 2010: Bush Trimmer
My attempt to have a nice lie in was ruined by some gentlemen that had turned up to trim the hedges outside.

24 June 2010: My Birthday
My 25th birthday. This is my card from Ali & Stu.

23 June 2010: Slovenia 0-1 England
Watched the game at Mood, where 2 pint sized drinks were available. Mr Cameron is a man possessed.

22 June 2010: Mam's Garden
It's great being off work when it's nice outside.

21 June 2010: Blue Screen
Thankfully the longest day of the year is sunny so I can escape my half-broken laptop.

20 June 2010: Hoppings
View from the Giant Wheel at the Hoppings Fair which visits the Town Moor each year.

19 June 2010: Broken Remote
Thankfully the missing piece was easily put back in place.

18 June 2010: England 0-0 Algeria
Wearing the shirt didn't do much good as England put in a terrible performance against Algeria.

17 June 2010: Gnomes
Family of gnomes in Michael's Mam's garden.

16 June 2010: Mint Magnum
You know when you just fancy something?

15 June 2010: Watch
My watch.. I feel like I've done this one before. Apologies if so.

14 June 2010: Dean Street
This really does not convey how irritatingly steep it is. It's ok going down but walking back up.. grim.

13 June 2010: World Cup/Feet Up
Feet up watching Serbia v Ghana. Shame the World Cup hasn't really got going yet: not many goals so far.

12 June 2010: England 1-1 USA
Check out the flag.. 1.50.

11 June 2010: Audrey's Place
Juliet, Marie, Becky & Audrey during a visit to Audrey's new place.

10 June 2010: Sofa
This sofa has been at the bottom of the stairs in my building for ages. I have no idea who it belongs to.

9 June 2010: Two Lions and a Giraffe
I was too tight to pay for a third lion.. so one of my giraffes is deputising, thanks to a white piece of paper and some coloured pens.

8 June 2010: Deadphones
After a lot of near misses, the day has finally come where the ear bud bit has gone completely missing.

7 June 2010: World Cup Sweep
Yes my hope of taking money from my colleagues rests with.. Paraguay. I have faith.

6 June 2010: Sox & Shoes
See what I did there?

5 June 2010: Found My Hat
I thought I'd lost my hat, but found it behind the sofa..

4 June 2010: Sara's Hen Party
Tapas at La Tasca for Sara's Hen Party.

3 June 2010: Spider
A huge spider was hiding in my towel. Not impressed.

2 June 2010: Baggage
My handbag.

1 June 2010: Graffiti