2010: In Pictures

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31 March 2010: I Baked a Cake
It's my turn in the cake competition at work, so I baked a chocolate orange splodge type cake which I topped with orange jellies, chocolate sprinkles and Terry's Chocolate Orange segments.

30 March 2010: Squashed Vaseline
I have a cold at the moment and constant nose blowing (seriously, so much snot) has resulted in my face becoming rather tender. So, I got some Vaseline out of my bag, only to find it had become rather squashed.

29 March 2010: Newcastle 2-0 Nottingham Forest
This was the half time game, Kick for Cash or whatever it's called. The score at this point was 0-0, Newcastle went on to win 2-0 with goals from the mighty Shola Ameobi and Jose Enrique.

28 March 2010: Clonlusk Jill
This greyhound, a fellow Jill, won me some monies last night.

27 March 2010: Leaving Cards
Some cards from Michael's old team at work as he starts a new job on Monday.

26 March 2010: Audrey
We went out for drinks after work as Audrey is lucky enough to be retiring. Yay Mrs W!

25 March 2010: Cake Competition - Week Five
Victoria's chocolate cake, complete with homemade caramel shortcake on the top. 

24 March 2010: Masterchef + New Glass
Pepsi in my newly acquired little glass, and a few episodes of Masterchef Australia to catch up on.

23 March 2010: Bigg Market
Party capital of.. err, nowhere. With a bit of rain.

22 March 2010: Clubcard
Tesco Clubcard - a welcome arrival now there are two Tescos on my doorstep.

21 March 2010: Breadbun Pizza
Breadbuns + ketchup + cheese + oven. Who needs Sunday dinner?

20 March 2010: Shelf thingy
The view I woke up to on the sofa at Ali & Stu's after a random night which involved rather a lot of cider.

19 March 2010: Hev
The delightful Heather who sits in front of me at work.

18 March 2010: Cake Competition - Week Four
Vicky's "Vicky-toria" sponge cake.

17 March 2010: Newcastle 3-0 Scunthorpe
Simple. The teams line up before Newcastle win (deservedly).

16 March 2010: Budget Shopping
My weekly shopping, 9.24. It would've been less, but I splashed out on pizza.

15 March 2010: Editors
Went to see Editors at Newcastle O2 Academy.

14 March 2010: Mothers Day
Spent the day with my mam and the rest of our family.

13 March 2010: Limited Connectivity
Damn it, damn it to hell.

12 March 2010: Post
Me checking for post.. it contained Editors tickets.

11 March 2010: Cake Competition - Round 3
Nicola baked a delicious chocolate cake.

10 March 2010: "Early" Start
This is what time I got up to be at work for 9! Thankfully due to proximity, I wasn't late.

9 March 2010: Temporary Lighting
The kitchen lights have died yet again; this is our temporary solution.

8 March 2010: Desk/Phone
My phone at work. The Santa is a permanent feature and is not limited to seasonal use.

7 March 2010: New socks
Snazzy new socks.

6 March 2010: NOFC 3-6 Barnsley Tykes
Our lads threw away a 3-1 half time lead to crash to defeat at the hands of Barnsley. This photo shows Stu lining up a freekick which he scored to make it 1-1. Thankfully the NUFC match went better and resulted in a 6-1 win.

5 March 2010: Haircut
Haircut.. and a terrible photo to show it.

4 March 2010: Cake Competition - Round 2
Jan's marshmallow cupcakes.

3 March 2010: Wine & Pizza Night
Had a night of wine, pizza, tv and films at Ali's.

2 March 2010: Chunky Chips
Tesco's finest chunky chips.

1 March 2010: Shopping @ Tesco
A random assortment of foods from the new Tesco.