2010: In Pictures

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31 May 2010: Rocks
Rocks at Tynemouth. It was easier climbing over them when I was a kid.

30 May 2010: Bank Holiday Sunday
Michael, Fear & Mak having a few pints in town.

29 May 2010: Tide Mark
The perils of wearing jeans that are ever so slightly too long, when it's raining.

28 May 2010: Red Bull Friday
A busy day at work meant the return of Red Bull Friday!

27 May 2010: Monument Mall
The food court on the top deck of Monument Mall.

26 May 2010: Self-Service
Some randoms sampling the delights of the Tesco self-service checkouts.

25 May 2010: Ali's Got a Brand New Bag
Ali shows off her new make-up bag.

24 May 2010: Shoes
Shoe shopping in New Look. I didn't buy any of these.

23 May 2010: Free Trade
The view along the Tyne from the beer garden at the Free Trade Inn.

22 May 2010: Sunny Day
Nice day.. The air conditioning in Tesco meant I didn't want to leave.

21 May 2010: I Can't Get No Sleep
Couldn't sleep, so watched some TV. This is from the series 'FM'.

20 May 2010: Grey Street
One of Newcastle's nicest streets.

19 May 2010: Payday Pizza
Went out for pizza with Dani (in the picture) and Danielle (in the toilets).

18 May 2010: Cash
The day before I get paid and unusually, I still have money in my purse.

17 May 2010: Recycling.. Or Not
It's all well and good my work telling us to recycle.. but they don't always bother to remove the bags we fill.

16 May 2010: New Shower
After our shower decided to explode the other day, we had a new one installed and today was the first chance to properly test it. So far, so good.

15 May 2010: I Bet You..
Mr Cameron points at his betting slip.. which was halfway towards winning.

14 May 2010: Crisps
A selection of the new Walkers flavours.

13 May 2010: Smokefree
'No Smoking' sign in the garden of the Freeman Hospital.

12 May 2010: Tape Measure
Someone came to fit new mailboxes.. and left his tape measure. I hope he had a backup, as he was doing the next building after ours.

11 May 2010: Carpet
I would very much like our building to get some new carpet on the stairs.

10 May 2010: The Temper Trap
Went to see The Temper Trap at the Academy.. very good.

9 May 2010: The Telegraph
A pint at The Telegraph with James, Nicole and Michael.

8 May 2010: Can I Just Take Your Card Number..?
Out at The Lodge, someone had left a bank card in the DJ booth.

7 May 2010: Tap Water
The holiday budget continues.. tap water at the pub.

6 May 2010: Sleepy
I love it when people fall asleep on the bus.

5 May 2010: Cake Baking
The mixture for the birthday cake I baked for my sister.

4 May 2010: The Only Way Is Up
.. baby.

3 May 2010: Cupboard
Food supplies.. pre-shop.

2 May 2010: Remote Controls
The excitement of the Bank Holiday Weekend continues.. Virgin remote & tv remote.

1 May 2010: Pollution
The uglier side of the River Tyne.