2010: In Pictures

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30 November 2010: Nicola's Birthday
For many months Nicola has been requesting my signature dish 'crumpet pizzas' for her birthday lunch. Unfortunately, due to the snow, she couldn't make it into work.. so I sent her a photo and ate them. That's what friends are for.

29 November 2010: Injury
Alcohol and snow combined to give me a twisted knee. The frozen peas only helped a little.

28 November 2010: Newcastle 1-1 Chelsea
Ali, Stu and Michael on the way up to the ground in the snow for the match.

27 November 2010: Lightbulb Fail
On the left is the ones I needed. On the right is the ones I accidentally bought.

26 November 2010: Art
A more cultured Friday night than usual - a trip to an art show, which resulted in Dave buying this picture for his Mam.

25 November 2010: Snow: The Real Stuff
Yep, it stayed.

24 November 2010: Snow!
After almost a year I still can't take a decent photo. To give me a small bit of credit, I was trying to hurry home from work.

23 November 2010: Holy Scarf
I've had a few photos of the holes that seem to develop in my possessions.. favourite scarf is the latest to fall victim.

22 November 2010: Word Seeks
A leftover gem from the trip back from America.

21 November 2010: Newton
Sunday lunch and a few drinks turned into a few more drinks with Ali, Michael and Stu, who isn't usually so tall.

20 November 2010: Chilli
It looks incredibly oily at this stage but turned out quite nice.

19 November 2010: Bubbles Part 2
Free champage.. thanks Danni.

18 November 2010: Bubbles
Bubbles in my juice.

17 November 2010: Metro Warmth
Wrapped up warm on the metro.

16 November 2010: Grainger Street
Damn Christmas lights up already.. but not yet on!

15 November 2010: Changing Room
The changing room at the gym.. after checking there was no one else in there, of course.

14 November 2010: Peter Kay
Peter Kay live at Newcastle Arena.

13 November 2010: Newcastle 0-0 Fulham
A suitably boring game.

12 November 2010: New Shoes
9.99. Couldn't resist. Then couldn't decide on lace colour.

11 November 2010: Mam's Clock
My mam's mad clock.

10 November 2010: Newcastle 1-2 Blackburn
A disappointing defeat for Newcastle against Fat Sam's men.

9 November 2010: Mangled Shoes
I desperately need new work shoes.

8 November 2010: Gym Bag
Back to work and now with a gym bag in tow.

7 November 2010: Ali & Stu
Having several drinks at the Wheatsheaf while watching Newcastle win 1-0 away at Arsenal.

6 November 2010: Half a Bathroom
The bathroom is in the process of being refurbished.

5 November 2010: Gym Sheet
I joined a gym. Yep.

4 November 2010: M&M Socks
One of my holiday purchases, from M&M's World.

3 November 2010: Manchester
Our arrival the next morning in freezing cold Manchester.

2 November 2010: Philadelphia
The gate at the airport in Philadelphia, waiting to board the flight home.

1 November 2010: Hooters
Delightfully tacky.