2010: In Pictures

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31 October 2010: Newcastle 5-1 Sunderland
Obviously I was gutted to miss this game, but if you're going to watch a great football game anywhere in the world I would recommend Las Vegas. This was a Sunderland fan crying into the bar at half time.

30 October 2010: Hash House a Go Go
An oversized breakfast at a restaurant which has featured on Man V Food.

29 October 2010: Dolphins at The Mirage
Watching dolphin trainers do their thing at The Mirage.

28 October 2010: Hotel View
The view from our room at Imperial Palace, looking out towards Caesars Palace.

27 October 2010: Las Vegas
Not the most exciting view, but a street (Tropicana) which we walked down for miles to and from a British pub (to watch football!)

26 October 2010: Flight
Flying from Philadelphia to Las Vegas.

25 October 2010: Packed
Packing.. DONE. See you on 3rd November.

24 October 2010: Dollars
Got a hundred dollar bill, put your hand up.

23 October 2010: New Purchases
A variety of purchases which probably includes an excessive number of socks.

22 October 2010: Karen's Funeral Scarf
Karen's 'funeral scarf'.. don't ask.

21 October 2010: Haircut
Pre-holiday haircut. Note the retro Toon shirt doubling up as pyjamas..

20 October 2010: Hexham
Rach having a cocktail in Wetherspoons in Hexham.

19 October 2010: Memory Stick
Very useful for watching things through the PS3.

18 October 2010: Washing
The washing.. hanging up. Actually, I should probably space that out a little more so that it'll dry.

17 October 2010: No Pizza
I hate it when I don't leave a slice for breakfast.

16 October 2010: Sports Direct
Sucky new markings on the Gallowgate roof.

15 October 2010: Gym
Just when I've been thinking about joining a gym, this comes through the door. A sign?

14 October 2010: Kandy Box
Anyone who grew up in Forest Hall will remember the Kandy Box, which was an amazing sweet shop. Well, really it was just a standard sweet shop, but it seemed amazing when I was little. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I passed the old location and saw this.. is a return on the cards?

13 October 2010: Stowell Street Works
The work to make bigger pavements (or something) on Stowell Street has commenced.

12 October 2010: Hill
So I'm running, and my foot starts to hurt.. badly. I move down to a walk and limp back, then I get to climb this ridiculous bank. Great.

11 October 2010: Delays
Went to see Delays at the Academy. Note the traditional tall person blocking my view.

10 October 2010: Bloody Mary
I finally got round to trying a Bloody Mary at the Forth. It was very nice, and came in a proper glass too.

9 October 2010: Fallen Leaves
I love autumn.

8 October 2010: Foggy Grey Street
It had cleared up a little by this point but you can still see the fog around Grey's Monument.

7 October 2010: Roads
Pink Lane/Westgate Road.

6 October 2010: DVDs
A selection of DVDs.

5 October 2010: Cider Festival
On 8 September, I took a photo of the Wine Festival leaflet. Now it's cider. I swear they are aiming these at me personally.

4 October 2010: Salad Box
The remains of a lovely salad box (with spicy tuna) from Tony & Frankie's.

3 October 2010: Man City 2-1 Newcastle
Massive thumbs down for this game. Dodgy refereeing, and a broken leg for new signing Hatem Ben Arfa.

2 October 2010: When The Boat Comes In
I don't see how exercise can possibly be a bad thing when it takes me along the Quayside for this view.

1 October 2010: Jeans for Genes
Today was Jeans for Genes day at work and I decided to accompany my jeans with a splash of colour.