2010: In Pictures

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30 September 2010: Fog
A lovely foggy morning.

29 September 2010: Freaky Toe
Michael's freaky toe, which is lacking a nail.

28 September 2010: Big River
This was a biiiiiggggg river, as Mr Nail would say.

27 September 2010: Raisin My Spirits
A tasty snack in a pretty box.

26 September 2010: Newcastle 1-2 Stoke City
The referee watches Nolan place the ball on the penalty spot before scoring to put Newcastle 1-0 up. It went downhill from there.

25 September 2010: Sky Vegas
Warming up for the real thing with a free 5. Check out my bookmark bar as well, I have this very website in there. How gloriously self-indulgent.

24 September 2010: Blackfriars
Looking through from Charlotte Square to Blackfriars Restaurant.

23 September 2010: Morning
Another generic shot of the park with the sun coming up in the background.

22 September 2010: Camera
This camera and the one on my phone are going to have to be sufficient for Vegas as I can't afford a new one.

21 September 2010: Battered
Knackered and looking dreadful after better run than usual.

20 September 2010: Birds
Some birds relaxing along the Tyne.

19 September 2010: Wonky Socks
It turns out that my sock is 2 socks welded together.

18 September 2010: Saturday Night
Ali, Stu & Michael enjoying a few drinks.

17 September 2010: Club Shop
The Newcastle Club Shop in Monument Mall.

16 September 2010: Benton Metro Station
I am not impressed with how dark it is at 19:44.

15 September 2010: Autumn
I'm struggling to remember whether we had a summer, but now the leaves are falling. And entering buildings and climbing stairs. I would like to reiterate that it is a SHARED building and I did not pick that carpet.

14 September 2010: Shoulder
A random red mark appeared on my shoulder.

13 September 2010: Chocolate Lolly
A present from Jen's holiday in Ireland.

12 September 2010: The Sage Gateshead
Described as "a unique North East music venue, as well as a bespoke wedding venue, conference and music education centre". To be perfectly honest, I've never even been inside.

11 September 2010: Newcastle 0-2 Blackpool
The lovely orangeness that was the Blackpool fans, who were no doubt very happy on the return journey.

10 September 2010: Holy Towel
Previously I have shown the trauma of finding a spider in my towel. Now this one has developed a hole. Mice?

9 September 2010: Ella
Ella poses for the camera.. with chocolate round her mouth.

8 September 2010: Wine Festival
I think I know where I'll be doing my shopping this weekend.

7 September 2010: Fence
A fence separating me from a cow field.

6 September 2010: Printer
Our printer at work, which I hate with a passion.

5 September 2010: Spot the Dog
Spot, on the table with books, laptops and general junk.

4 September 2010: Coinstar
Went on something of a pilgrimage to Byker Morrisons to change some copper into real money. Sadly it didn't accept the 5 cent coin at the bottom of the photo.

3 September 2010: Cash Machine
The buttony bit.

2 September 2010: Crossword
Pretty poor effort today.

1 September 2010: Orange Belt
Sadly this does not signify my ability at martial arts.