2017: In Pictures


31 January 2017: Delivery
I missed a delivery, which is somewhat annoying but not the end of the world.

30 January 2017: Lettuce Wedge
The lettuce wedges at Miller & Carter divide opinion, but I think they're great.

29 January 2017: Spam
I found this spam email hilariously bad.

28 January 2017: Uncle John
We went to the Three Mile Inn to celebrate "Uncle" John's birthday. Here he is (on the right) with Alan and Wendy.

27 January 2017: Trumpets
This week's Friday afternoon drawing competition involved trumpets. Mine is the horrendous effort on the top right.

26 January 2017: Sliced
I reached into my gym bag this morning and carved my finger open on my razor. It didn't bleed, so I think the blade probably needs changing.

25 January 2017: Consequences
Before giving blood it's important to consider the consequences. My 18th donation took 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

24 January 2017: Sweets
Does anyone actually like parma violets? They're hideous.

23 January 2017: New York
Brogan brought back some cool post-its from New York. I don't want to use them or the picture will disappear!

22 January 2017: Fish Cake Sandwich
I challenged Michael to draw an elephant. I've no idea why it seems to be wearing a bonnet.

21 January 2017: Post-Rotherham
Ali, Paul, Michael and Lucas were happy with our 4-0 win over Rotherham.

20 January 2017: Snazzy
I wore my snazzy new jumper for dress down Friday.

19 January 2017: Fish Cake Sandwich
I got these amazing tuna fish cakes and decided to make this one into a sandwich featuring a bread bun, tomato, salad leaves and cheese along with a healthy serving of ketchup, and grated carrot on the side. It was delicious.

18 January 2017: Brain Cells
I know they're in here somewhere...

17 January 2017: Mein Kampf
I thought this might be a vaguely interesting read, but really it's terrible.

16 January 2017: So Close
I've started getting back into playing darts and after hitting treble 19 and bullseye (intentionally) with my first 2 darts, I was certain the third would land perfectly on treble 20. Sadly it wasn't to be, but it was still the highest I've scored in a long time.

15 January 2017: Casino Card
For only the second time ever, I won! Even better, it was on my lucky number 32.

14 January 2017: Lucy Loves Yellow
Lucy didn't want to stray very far from Michael's new yellow trainers, so I think it's safe to say she's a fan.

13 January 2017: Snow
A very fitting start to Friday the 13th.

12 January 2017: Beardsley
I love the desk calendar that Olwyn got me for Christmas, even if Peter Beardsley isn't the nicest looking face to see every day!

11 January 2017: Glowstick
Sadly it has lost its glow.

10 January 2017: Mushrooms
I literally have no description for this.

9 January 2017: Sheep Coat
Continuing the theme from yesterday, Michael's coat lining reminds me of a sheep.

8 January 2017: Tablecloth
Ali's new top looks a bit like a tablecloth, but I like it.

7 January 2017: Team Tunnel
I was at a loose end today so I found myself at West Allotment Celtic v Newcastle Benfield. Unfortunately it was a convincing 4-0 win for the away team.

6 January 2017: Surprise!
Sophie's plan to throw a surprise birthday party for Nass worked perfectly!

5 January 2017: Black Charger
After all the repairs my phone charger has been through it finally gave in recently, so I replaced it with a new one. I quite like the black and white combination.

4 January 2017: Red Light
This red light was a source of annoyance as I walked home, since it meant the level crossing barrier had just come down.

3 January 2017: New Purse
My purse had started to look a bit shabby so this Christmas present from Sue came at the perfect time.

2 January 2017: Nasser's Birthday Cards
We went for a meal at Amici to celebrate Nasser's 31st birthday.

1 January 2017: Marvin
Dave visited from down south and brought me a Cambridge United mascot, Marvin the Moose.