2018: In Pictures


31 December 2018: George Street New Year
The most sensible place for a recovering alcoholic to be on New Year's Eve is a dry bar, and that's exactly where I found myself. I had a surprisingly fun night with new friends I've made over the last 5 months, and with nothing stronger to drink than cherry cola.

30 December 2018: Dry Shampoo
It was a dry shampoo sort of day, because I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair. I did tame it slightly better than this before leaving the house.

29 December 2018: Morphy Richards
My kettle took a bad turn recently so I was pleased to get this awesome new one for Christmas.

28 December 2018: New Towel
I absolutely love the new towels I got for Christmas off Mam and Chris. I didn't realise how old and worn my old ones were until I felt the softness of the new ones.

27 December 2018: Bobble Hat
My new hat, a Christmas present from Auntie Sue.

26 December 2018: Penguin Feet
Something to keep my feet toasty.

25 December 2018: Dinner Time
After a dog walk this morning I was ready for a nice Christmas dinner. It was just me, Mam and Chris and it was fantastic!

24 December 2018: Festive Photo
Merry Christmas from me and Stone Cold!

23 December 2018: Christmas Singalong
I'm not normally into Christmas songs but it was a nice evening at the Grey Horse with Sam and Kiera leading a singalong.

22 December 2018: Dinosaur Campfire
I call this meal "turkey dinosaurs around a numberetti campfire" and it was bloody lovely.

21 December 2018: 5 Months (Almost)
It's not technically my 5 month sober birthday until tomorrow but I was trusted with this a little early. Missing the work Christmas party in Aberdeen and going to two AA meetings instead is not something I would've imagined happening this time last year, but it's the right place for me to be.

20 December 2018: Seaton Delaval
After being in Seghill this evening I walked up towards Seaton Delaval to get on the bus.

19 December 2018: Christmas Wrap
My favourite kind of festive wrapping!

18 December 2018: De-escalating
Going underground into the metro system.

17 December 2018: Options
All the festive talk of wine and other kinds of alcohol are getting me down a little, so this is my treat tonight.

16 December 2018: Sausage-sitting Sunday
As well as Chilli, today I looked after Penny (black) and Nola (red). It was such a fun day with a nice mixture of walking, playing and snoozing.

15 December 2018: No Grip
Even though snow was forecast, I was still stupid enough to wear shoes with no grip. It made for an interesting walk through town.

14 December 2018: Friday Sundae
This 'Iceberg' sundae seemed perfect for me, in all its minty, chocolatey goodness. Perfect Friday treat!

13 December 2018: Julianos Raffle
Of all the Christmas raffles to take part in, the one from a local takeaway seems pretty appealing.

12 December 2018: Silver Tie
My hair is messy and my face is shiny but I was happy to be wearing my newest tie.

11 December 2018: Bath Dishes
I had loads of glasses to wash, so I put them in the bath. This photo was being awkward and wouldn't both turn horizontal and preserve the correct information for the purpose of the time stamp, hence it's the wrong way up.

10 December 2018: Dark View
The view from the stop of the step bridge in Forest Hall as it gets dark.

9 December 2018: Stone Cold Christmas
I don't wear Christmas jumpers, but this 18-23 month one will do nicely for Mr Austin.

8 December 2018: Eagles Hoody
I bought this Newcastle Eagles hoody recently and found out today that it's lovely and warm.

7 December 2018: Stone Cold
My random purchase of the day from B&M: a 31" Stone Cold Steve Austin.

6 December 2018: Universal Serial Bus
This USB socket on the bus saved my day from being a total write-off.

5 December 2018: Laksa Chicken
I was meeting Paul for food, so Chilli Padi was the obvious choice. After I saw a picture of the dish Neesy had recently, I had to try it, so here's my laksa chicken curry soup with noodles. It was gorgeous!

4 December 2018: Mac 'n' Cheese
It wasn't the best mac 'n' cheese I've ever had but the "American" toppings (hot dog, onion, ketchup and mustard) saved the day.

3 December 2018: Sprout
This is as festive as my desk is getting.

2 December 2018: Pineapple Soda
My new favourite drink in the Grey Horse! It's lovely and fruity.

1 December 2018: The Lasses
I don't usually seriously consider buying any of the daft things that pop up as adverts on Facebook, but this cool little family picture from Posterhaste seemed such a cute idea, and I wanted something that each of the 3 of us could have.