2019: In Pictures


31 December 2019: Aloha From Deer
I ordered this hoody and sweatpants ages ago from Aloha From Deer and had honestly written them off as lost in the post or never actually existing in the first place. It was a nice surprise when there was a package next door for me and this is what it turned out to be.

30 December 2019: Funeral Selfie
My last selfie of the year, shortly before Phil's funeral. If I compare it to my first in this project I don't think I've changed much.

29 December 2019: Geraldine & Dan
Dan came over to visit and got to meet our new addition to the household, Geraldine.

28 December 2019: Rossetti
After a mad few weeks I was in desperate need of the normality of an AA meeting at the Rossetti.

27 December 2019: Little Women
One of my favourite books has been made into a film so we had a date night at the cinema. I only cried a little bit.

26 December 2019: Grow Your Own Jesus
I received this for Christmas so dunked him straight into water to let the growth commence. No sign of it turning into wine yet.

25 December 2019: Christmas Dinner
This year was the first Christmas I was able to spend with Noirin. We accepted an invitation to have dinner with Nass, Sophie and Sue, which was lovely.

24 December 2019: Midnight Mass
My first experience of Midnight Mass! I'm not a great lover of church but every organ player needs a groupie.

23 December 2019: Sweater Vest
I've wanted a sweater vest for a while so I finally gave in and bought one.

22 December 2019: Car Wash
The car needed it and it was a thoroughly exciting new experience for me too.

21 December 2019: York Minster
Of all the times I'd been to York I hadn't paid the entrance fee to go into the Minster but it was really nice to have a look around.

20 December 2019: Festive Selfie
Noirin and I spent a night in York and obviously had to take a festive selfie.

19 December 2019: Anger Meditation
For the first time in sobriety I experienced major anger, so I had to use it as a learning experience. It was painful, but this meditation helped.

18 December 2019: Flatpack
I did say I'd help Ali with anything in relation to her new house so there was no backing out just because it turned out to be building furniture.

17 December 2019: Blanket Layout
I helped Noirin decide on the layout for a baby blanket she's making.

16 December 2019: Black Converse
I've wanted these for a while and today was my opportunity to buy them.

15 December 2019: Carol Service
I went along to Stamfordham to Rachel's carol service. It wasn't my usual sort of scene but it was surprisingly enjoyable.

14 December 2019: Emergency Hat
I accidentally left the house with no hat on a freezing cold day. H&M to the rescue.

13 December 2019: Election
It's only in recent years that I've started to take any sort of interest in politics but I was disappointed with this result.

12 December 2019: Cleaning
With the estate agent coming to take photos of my house tomorrow, it was time for a massive cleaning mission. Somehow the place ended up looking presentable.

11 December 2019: Nathan's Cake
Nathan makes amazing cakes for everyone else so what happens when it's his birthday? Catherine makes one for him!

10 December 2019: Geoff's Funeral
I was sad to hear the news that a former colleague passed away recently. His funeral was a lovely service.

9 December 2019: Seaton Sluice
When my head is battered, it can be settled by cheering on the waves as they crash to shore.

8 December 2019: Christmas Tree
My orange decoration made it onto Noirin and Sarah's purple and silver tree.

7 December 2019: Bluey/Orange
I borrowed an orange bauble from Mam while saying hello to Bluey.

6 December 2019: Humility
My step 7 homework involved lots of reading about humility, which is a vital part of the step.

5 December 2019: Holly Dog
Holly is having a little holiday at Auntie Jill's. She's good as gold!

4 December 2019: Christmas Collar
I don't think Sally is too impressed with her festive collar. We have the hat too but her head is too fat for it!

3 December 2019: Matalan Hat
I wanted to spend money the other day in Matalan and this was the only thing I could find that I liked.

2 December 2019: Panda Socks
Naturally I needed a souvenir from Edinburgh Zoo.

1 December 2019: Carl & Ali
It was lush to spend a weekend in Edinburgh with these two!