2019: In Pictures


30 November 2019: Penguin
Edinburgh Zoo was really fun. The penguins were probably my favourite animals, and I loved this little dude having a surf.

29 November 2019: Car
We have a car for three months while Brenda is in Australia. I feel liberated.

28 November 2019: Christmas Market
It's that time of year again. I did not check out any of the stalls.

27 November 2019: Well Begun
Noirin's tablet cover.

26 November 2019: BP Pod
I needed a 6 monthly blood pressure check for my medication so I popped into the doctors and used their pod.

25 November 2019: Crochet Hook
After a short trek around town I located the correct size crochet hook. Obviously this wasn't for me.

24 November 2019: Borrowed Boots
My trainers got soaked yesterday so I borrowed some boots in order to be more appropriately dressed today.

23 November 2019: Piano Competition
I was tempted to burst in and join the competition, but I stayed quiet instead.

22 November 2019: Bundled Up
It's cold - time to bundle myself up in warm clothes.

21 November 2019: Noirin's Cake
Our friend Nathan made this amazing cake for Noirin's 16th sobriety birthday. It looked fantastic and also tasted incredible.

20 November 2019: Valuations
It's time to seriously start taking steps to sell the house. First up: valuations.

19 November 2019: Burrito Blanket
Finally it arrived! I can wrap myself into this tortilla blanket to keep warm all winter.

18 November 2019: Reading
I spent the afternoon reading quietly. Due to problems with concentration my reading has taken a back seat this year but I'm slowly getting back on track.

17 November 2019: Sprout Crisps
These are surprisingly nice, though I tend to find that is the case for weird flavour crisps.

16 November 2019: 16 Year Chip
Noirin will be 16 years sober on the 21st. Her chip arrived today for safekeeping.

15 November 2019: Halloumi Fries
Halloumi is life. That is all.

14 November 2019: Crochet Flower
Noirin's latest crochet project is these super cute little flowers.

13 November 2019: Bairns' Books
St Thomas Church always has a variety of books for kids, which I like to read.

12 November 2019: Make-up
Sarah slapped coloured stuff all over my face, with some slightly terrifying results.

11 November 2019: Chocolate Factory
Fenwick's Window has a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme this year.

10 November 2019: Capsules
A quiet day was needed after yesterday's outdoor time.

9 November 2019: Hexham Walk
I met Rach for an 11 mile walk around the Hexham countryside. It probably didn't help my physical health as I'm suffering from a cold but it was the perfect boost for my mental wellbeing.

8 November 2019: My Shanghai
I wasn't sure I felt like socialising tonight but the option of a Chinese buffet was persuasive enough.

7 November 2019: Study Buddies
Sally is helping me with my step 6 homework.

6 November 2019: Pizza Meeting
Combining an AA meeting with an Eat4Less pizza is excellent for the soul.

5 November 2019: Sprout Shirt
This is the closest I'll get to a Christmas jumper. Sprouts are the hero of a dinner and must be celebrated!

4 November 2019: Upside Down Sally
Playing with Sally is weirdly therapeutic for someone who has never been a cat person.

3 November 2019: Dye
I always look slightly bong-eyed without my glasses on, but I didn't want to get them covered in hair dye.

2 November 2019: Scented Candle
This candle is spiced winter apple, or something along those lines. Basically smells like apple pie.

1 November 2019: Purple Boots
It took a while for Noirin's birthday present to arrive but they were worth the wait.