2023: In Pictures


30 April 2023: Ingram Valley
The rain didn't put us off so Kat and I went for a walk around Linhope, including Linhope Spout, and Ingram.

29 April 2023: Field Colours
I adore the colours here - vibrant yellow and green.

28 April 2023: Hats
I'm fond of a hat but I don't think any of these would quite fit in with my usual style.

27 April 2023: Curly Fries
Can't beat a bit of curl in my fries!

26 April 2023: Completed Wardrobe
Just to confirm that we did manage to get the wardrobe successfully reconstructed!

25 April 2023: Anne's Funeral
I went to the funeral of my godmother, Anne. I thought this poem was quite touching.

24 April 2023: Pull-up Bar
So far I can do a grand total of one pull-up.

23 April 2023: Hint
I took the hint when a clawed pouch of cat food was delivered to the bedroom this morning!

22 April 2023: Wardrobe Dismantling
The wardrobe we got delivered for Emmett's new bedroom was too big to go up the stairs so we had to spend some time dismantling it. Thanks to some very stubborn screws, Emmett had to climb inside and kick the roof off, which did the trick.

21 April 2023: Thrive
Apparently tissue boxes now include motivational messages.

20 April 2023: Carpet Installation
The carpet has been fitted and we are one step closer to a fully furnished room.

19 April 2023: Khai Khai
I had a lovely curry at Khai Khai with current and former colleagues.

18 April 2023: Pretfy
We got a new hairdryer as Noirin wanted a diffuser and I had to admit I always bin the ones that are included.

17 April 2023: Mad Flowers
These flowers from last year have gone a bit mad lately.

16 April 2023: Seaton Delaval Hall
My walk today took me past Seaton Delaval Hall and I realised I haven't been in the hall or the grounds for ages.

15 April 2023: Joe Browns
My current favourite t-shirt looks a bit like it should be pyjamas but I'm ok with that.

14 April 2023: Harry Potter
I only found out when collecting my new sunglasses that apparently they are Harry Potter branded. Maybe they use magic to keep the sun out of my eyes.

13 April 2023: Don't Crack
Words of motivation or an advert for watches?

12 April 2023: Painting
The decoration has commenced! The colour is 'toasted almond'.

11 April 2023: Specky
I collected my new glasses yesterday.

10 April 2023: Carpet Shopping
Now that Sarah's moved out, Emmett is going to move into the bigger bedroom. That means we spent part of Easter Monday looking for carpet.

9 April 2023: Emily Davison
A little bit of history during my walk around Longhorsley.

8 April 2023: Otterburn Walk
My walk with Kat and Aidan around the Otterburn area was a beautiful mix of sun, scenery and the remains of a bastle.

7 April 2023: Repair
Since we got this toilet roll holder, it has repeatedly started dismantling every time we dispense some toilet roll. Eventually I got round to adding a small screw - though not quite small enough, hence the bit sticking out.

6 April 2023: Blaydon
A very exotic Thursday for me - a trip to Blaydon for a meeting.

5 April 2023: Mario Movie
If they just showed the movie on here I might be more inclined to see it rather than paying for the cinema.

4 April 2023: Callum Wilson
I don't often see footballers outside of work but when I do, I can guarantee I will be looking my most wrinkly and old!

3 April 2023: Stone Sweatshirt
One of my items from the Next sale arrived yesterday, which made today's clothing an easy decision.

2 April 2023: Comic
This is the first time I've ever had popadoms delivered to me with a comic. My Delhi is definitely a restaurant that thinks outside the box.

1 April 2023: Smile
I know graffiti is bad... but this is cute!