2021: In Pictures


31 August 2021: Hungry Ghosts
Sophie recommended this to Noirin the other day and I'm looking forward to reading it after her.

30 August 2021: Rookhope
A Bank Holiday Monday walk had us trekking through the countryside around Rookhope and Eastgate. It may have looked dreary but this was very much my reward for an activity filled weekend.

29 August 2021: Christening Menu
Charlotte's christening was not the sort I'm used to - no pork pies in a social club for this one! The food was fantastic.

28 August 2021: Sue's 70th Birthday
I can't believe Auntie Sue is 70! She doesn't look it, and I struggle to think of her as approaching the "elderly" category, it's impossible to imagine.

27 August 2021: Scene
The scenery is so grim around work that I have to resort to staring longingly at a picture on the way there.

26 August 2021: Gap
I didn't try and duck through it.

25 August 2021: Rossetti
I had to settle for a walk past this place - I miss it!

24 August 2021: Burma Memorial
This stands at St Thomas' Church in memory of those who died in the Burma campaigns.

23 August 2021: Heels
I tried wearing Noirin's new shoes. It lasted about 30 seconds before I declared agony and took them off. My legs did look good though.

22 August 2021: Don't Grass
I prefer "snitches get stitches".

21 August 2021: Joanne's 50th
We went to Amici with a group of friends to celebrate Joanne's 50th birthday. I didn't think I could manage a slice of cake after my meal but it didn't actually take much forcing.

20 August 2021: M&S Cheesecake
I popped into Marks & Spencer to buy a birthday card for a friend. For some reason the cards didn't seem to be situated in the dessert aisle, which was where I ended up, so I ended up with a treat for tonight as well.

19 August 2021: Stephenson Monument
I don't know if I've ever really paid attention to this before.

18 August 2021: Davidson
As my surname McDade is part of the Davidson Clan, my impulse purchase of the week was a clan badge.

17 August 2021: Shredding
If all else fails, I want to go and work for a mobile shredding company.

16 August 2021: New Secretary
I've hired a new secretary for when I'm working from home and she's coming on really well.

15 August 2021: Abandoned Farmhouse
Our walk around Mitford today included one of my favourite things - an abandoned building. I leave the exploration of these things to urban explorers but for some reason I find them really interesting to look at.

14 August 2021: Hose
Watering Chris' plants was very therapeutic when using this hose!

13 August 2021: Superhero Sticker
I don't know who this is, but I appreciated it.

12 August 2021: Enchiladas
I'm not sure I had enchiladas in mind as a good use for the new wok, but it turned out to be a useful size.

11 August 2021: Dirty Strap
I realised today that the straps on my bag have seen better days.

10 August 2021: Doctors
I went to the doctors for blood tests. It's much easier fitting in appointments when I can work from home.

9 August 2021: Baked
Sally started the day with a good dose of catnip.

8 August 2021: Marina
I started walking without really knowing where I was going. The answer turned out to be North Shields, about 9 miles later.

7 August 2021: Dismay
The face of dismay when I didn't think I had to leave the house but it turned out I needed to go to Morrisons.

6 August 2021: Working From Home
I worked from home today. With Noirin in the office upstairs I chose to work at the dining room table.

5 August 2021: Calendar Change
I only just got round to flipping the calendar over to August and it's definitely not beach weather today.

4 August 2021: New Wok
My rekindled love for a stir fry resulted in this being a necessary purchase.

3 August 2021: Secret 6 Socks
Emma got me these and they are amazing! Now I can walk around happily stomping on my own face as well as those of Noirin, Emma, Sherrie, Gemma and Rebs!

2 August 2021: Hedgehog Yoghurt
I was confused by the hedgehog on the inside of my yoghurt lid until I remembered it was intended for consumption by a child.

1 August 2021: Holy Island
I couldn't remember being on Holy Island since I was at school! It was lush to be able to have a proper walk around the island for the first time.