2023: In Pictures


31 August 2023: The World You Want
Well, I want a world of cords and sweater vests.

30 August 2023: Pegs
We've hardly had a summer this year so I haven't had many opportunities to dry washing on the line.

29 August 2023: Flares
Groovy or grotty? I know what I'd say.

28 August 2023: Don't Feed Horses
I think this sign relates to the specific horses on the other side of the fence, but to be on the safe side I promise never to feed any horse, ever.

27 August 2023: Goals
Every time I walk past these I wish I had a football with me.

26 August 2023: Skye's Birthday Party
Our Cyprus-dwelling family were back in the UK this week so we joined them at Skye's 1st birthday party. The birthday girl seemed to have an absolute blast!

25 August 2023: Strawberry Place
I was in town early this morning so I took a longer route to work.

24 August 2023: Honesty Test
Finding a fiver in the washing is like a test of my honesty. I did the right thing and left it for Emmett.

23 August 2023: Protect This House
Inspiring words but it's actually a shop, not a house.

22 August 2023: Fresh Shawarma
I love a shawarma but possibly not at this time of the morning. And anyway, the shop isn't open yet.

21 August 2023: Buddhist 12 Steps
I've always had a vague interest in buddhism so I've decided to read this book on how a buddhist would approach the 12 steps.

20 August 2023: Frog-Pac
I don't know if this is meant to be Tupac but that's who it looks like to me.

19 August 2023: Postbox Player
I heard about these postbox decorations but this was the first time I'd seen one in the wild.

18 August 2023: Jet Wash
It always seems like a waste of time in the Bigg Market since it'll be disgusting again in no time but I appreciate the effort.

17 August 2023: Wall
Also known as "I walked along the river but tried to find something I hadn't seen before".

16 August 2023: Cash Machine
I don't use these very much anymore but I needed one today.

15 August 2023: McFlurry
We don't seem to be having a summer this year so this wasn't a particularly tempting offer.

14 August 2023: Slug & Apple
A small apple has been in our garden for a few days and today I noticed that a slug was making it into a meal.

13 August 2023: Wool Show
Judging by the traffic going in and out of Gosforth Park, this was pretty popular.

12 August 2023: England Women
It was a good day for a football fan - England women playing in the World Cup followed by the return of the Premier League.

11 August 2023: Warkworth
I took advantage of a random day off work to go for a walk from Acklington to Warkworth then Amble. The weather looks a bit ominous but it was actually a very nice morning.

10 August 2023: Essalamus
Apparently this is some sort of art display. I didn't say the word, just in case.

9 August 2023: Clouds
I'm sure these clouds have a name but I just think they're pretty.

8 August 2023: Maths
Since Noirin got back into teaching, we have plenty books around in case I want to brush up my maths.

7 August 2023: Pink Toy
This was sitting outside the shop. I don't think it currently has an owner but I didn't rehome it just in case.

6 August 2023: Splatter
My walk was a little muddier than I expected.

5 August 2023: Little Miss Fish Brain
I was walking through Jesmond and saw this propped up against a bridge railing. It was a surprisingly welcome sight to see something colourful on a thoroughly grim day.

4 August 2023: Chronicle Offices
Looking pretty shabby these days, which I guess mirrors the decline of printed newspapers in favour of online journalism.

3 August 2023: Lee Cords
My cord phase continues.

2 August 2023: Brenda's Funeral
We went to Brenda's funeral to remember our dear friend. Noirin played the organ for Amazing Grace.

1 August 2023: Rucksack
I finally got round to buying a new hiking rucksack. Naturally this has coincided with rain for about the next month so thankfully it comes with a waterproof cover stored in the bottom.