2021: In Pictures


28 February 2021: Viaduct
My walk today with Kat and Aidan was around Morpeth and Bothal. It was so good to be able to walk in shorts and t-shirt and not through snow or deep mud!

27 February 2021: Greenhouse
The first weekend in ages with beautiful spring weather meant Noirin dragged me to a garden centre for flowers and I got to construct this greenhouse. I'm not normally one for gardening but it turned out to be a lovely way to spend the day.

26 February 2021: Shadow Walk
I took Holly out for a lovely walk and decided her shadow made her seem far more intimidating than she is.

25 February 2021: Cat-Dog
I think Sally is morphing into a dog. I'm totally up for throwing sticks to play fetch.

24 February 2021: Dudley Cemetery
My walk today took me to Dudley, Seaton Burn and Wideopen. Since I hadn't been this particular way on foot before I took a photo of the first vaguely interesting thing I saw.

23 February 2021: Farm Path
I took a path from Burradon farm to Seghill that I haven't used before, despite knowing it was there.

22 February 2021: Hand Burn
The downside of someone clumsy like me spending more time in the kitchen is that accidents inevitably follow. Today's injury was a frying pan burn.

21 February 2021: Gammon
I cooked gammon overnight in the slow cooker, in cherry pepsi max. It took every ounce of self-restraint but I've only had a tiny little taste so far this morning. Hopefully it'll be the basis of a nice Sunday dinner later.

20 February 2021: Fending Off Loneliness
I shared on this reading from Living Sober today. The pink highlighting isn't even mine, that was put in there by whoever had the book before me!

19 February 2021: Train
Once again my walk was thwarted by the level crossing barrier. I mean, it's preferable to be separated from the train that was going through, but still a mild annoyance for an impatient soul like me.

18 February 2021: Prawn Cocktail Quavers
I remember these from childhood and they're back, along with the salt and vinegar flavour. I was excited to try them as I only realised very recently that I actually really like prawn cocktail crisps. The quavers did not disappoint.

17 February 2021: Progress:On T-Shirt
I love merchandise so when the opportunity came up to buy a t-shirt in support of Nass' club night I was all over it!

16 February 2021: Compression Gloves
My hands have been really suffering with the cold lately so I ordered some specialist Raynaud's gloves. When they arrived they were described clearly on the packaging as "arthritis gloves" and they feel like something I should be cycling or lifting weights in... but I'll see if they help my circulation.

15 February 2021: Shoe Rack
My second job yesterday was finishing constructing this shoe rack and organising our shoes. We have many, many shoes and boots.

14 February 2021: Infuriating Picture
We finished hanging the rest of our pictures up. This one, in four pieces which had to be perfectly aligned, was a horrendous experience and it's still not perfect.

13 February 2021: New Toilet Seat
The seat on our downstairs toilet decided to try and catapult me through the window recently so our exciting purchase of the day is a new seat.

12 February 2021: Easily Distracted
Noirin got me this t-shirt... it's true.

11 February 2021: Frozen Lake Selfie
Another 5 miles today on what proved to be a beautiful afternoon. Killingworth Lake was mostly frozen over but it doesn't really matter since I used 'portrait mode' for this selfie and you can only see a white blur anyway.

10 February 2021: Doctor Visit
I left the house earlier than usual today as I had an appointment with the nurse for a routine blood pressure check (122/82 for any stats fans). The snow and colour of the sky over the Killingworth Centre looked surprisingly appealing but I only stared at it for a moment before getting down to the real business... fresh snow in the car park to stomp on!

9 February 2021: Crammy Walk
Today's walk in the snow took me through Annitsford, Cramlington and Dudley. This field in Cramlington was filled with kids on sledges even though the snow didn't really look deep enough to be much fun.

8 February 2021: Choppy Lake
I had the bright idea of going for a walk in the snow today. Naturally the wind picked up right as I approached Killingworth Lake so the water was choppy and my face was freezing.

7 February 2021: Traffic Cone
It's always a little confusing to see one of these on its own on a pedestrian footpath.

6 February 2021: Giant Pot
We got this new pot and it's massive but I like it.

5 February 2021: Parm-o-Rama (2nd Edition)
Back to the parmo van!

4 February 2021: New Bedding
Everyone loves a new duvet cover and pillowcases, right? The teddies seem happy enough with our selection.

3 February 2021: Sally's Castle
Two things were apparent: 1. Sally never uses her cat bed, and 2. Sally likes the pouffe. I decided to combine them to make a castle for her. It worked!

2 February 2021: Pictures
Having finally got round to buying a hammer, we were able to get some pictures hung up.

1 February 2021: Crazy Holly
Holly enjoyed her walk and swim at the Rising Sun!