2023: In Pictures


28 February 2023: M&S
When it's raining I like to take the indoor route to work through Marks & Spencer and Eldon Square.

27 February 2023: Pizza For Breakfast
A grim Monday morning calls for leftover pizza.

26 February 2023: League Cup Final
All the build up resulted in disappointment as Newcastle lost 2-0 to Manchester United in the League Cup Final.

25 February 2023: Hester Pit Memorial Garden
I had no idea this existed, but it seemed like a nice place to end my walk. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading about mining disasters on Wikipedia.

24 February 2023: The S
Just about everyone in the world grew up drawing this S. I have no idea where it originated from, but clearly whoever wrote this on a bus seat is going through the phase.

23 February 2023: Tell Me Ma
With Newcastle United due to play a Cup Final in a few days, the city is covered with pictures and words of support.

22 February 2023: Ten Minute Tests
Thankfully not for me - I don't think I'd be getting any high scores.

21 February 2023: Toon Toon
Black and white army!

20 February 2023: Ball Spinner
Sally's new toy has already been rejected by Carson. I'm not sure she's too impressed with it either. I, on the other hand, find it quite therapeutic.

19 February 2023: Morning Walk
I love a Sunday morning walk, even if I am repeatedly passed by runners in hi-vis clothing.

18 February 2023: Flowery Bench
Today I learned that Blyth has pretty benches.

17 February 2023: Friday Night Whites
I like to do a nice easy wash on a Friday night - white shirts. I think of it as easing myself into the weekend.

16 February 2023: Cup Final
These mannequins are getting in the mood for Newcastle's upcoming cup final!

15 February 2023: Burner
Apparently this is a wax burner. I thought it was just a pretty decoration.

14 February 2023: Catherine's Party
It's not often I get invited to a birthday party at a cathedral, but it was a really nice night.

13 February 2023: Prosperity Agenda
Some words in the window of a book shop.

12 February 2023: Cat Cafe
We went to CatPawCino which was full of adorable cats! This one was my favourite because of its confused look.

11 February 2023: Cobblers
I finally got round to getting a new battery in my watch, which involved a trip to the cobblers.

10 February 2023: Odd Socks
Noirin found some socks that are intended to be mismatched so they're perfect for me.

9 February 2023: Puke Top
The people are kind of cute, but no thanks.

8 February 2023: Lighter Evening
The evenings are getting lighter which means I like going for a walk after work.

7 February 2023: A City
Some words about a city that I'd never noticed before despite passing this every day.

6 February 2023: Tragic Hat
I've been told this hat is a particularly tragic fashion statement, but it keeps my ears lovely and warm.

5 February 2023: Sunday Morning
I'm a fan of Sunday mornings anyway, but today was especially beautiful.

4 February 2023: Wander
Not all who wander are lost, and not all who take photos every day can manage to do it without the occasional blurry effort.

3 February 2023: Smiley Face
A friendly welcome into the day.

2 February 2023: Cousin Socks
These are both from the same new pack but not a match so I'm calling them cousins.

1 February 2023: White Creme Egg
This is my first taste of a white creme egg. It was reasonable, but not as good as the normal version.