2021: In Pictures

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24 September 2021: Doon Toon
I love a good sticker!

23 September 2021: Steph's Funeral
It was a sad day saying goodbye to Steph, but her family did her proud with their lovely tributes.

22 September 2021: Change
I appreciate the bright colours but I don't know that I necessarily agree with the message.

21 September 2021: Linda
This is my plant, Linda. She was outgrowing her pot so I took this photo to take advice from Noirin on what size to put her in next.

20 September 2021: Rubbish
I think our collection of rubbish in the garden is just about ready for a tip run! The latest victim is our TV, which died dramatically this week. At least we have a spare to use on a temporary basis.

19 September 2021: Alwinton & Harbottle
A fabulous 7.5 mile walk around Alwinton and Harbottle was the plan for today. Somehow we managed to dodge all of the bad weather which was threatened.

18 September 2021: Summer's Christening
We went to join Nathan and Catherine in celebrating the baptism of their beautiful baby girl. It was amazing to see so many friendly faces.

17 September 2021: Evening Walk
After a busy week, I really needed this walk to clear my head.

16 September 2021: Zizzi
My first night in ages socialising with the work "lads" (Sara, Fay, Debs and Carol).

15 September 2021: Sarah's Graduation
My first real opportunity to be a proud parent - I was honoured to be invited to celebrate Sarah's graduation. The ceremony itself was pretty long and boring if I'm honest, but it was good to see her hard work pay off.

14 September 2021: Sharps Bin
Sarah now has to take her medication by injection rather than in tablet form, so I'm glad to have an appropriate bin for disposal.

13 September 2021: Prescription Request
I just need to remember to go and collect it in a few days!

12 September 2021: Bamburgh Walk
After hearing the sad news that my dad's wife Steph had passed away, I was unsure whether to go ahead with today's planned 8 mile walk. I realised quickly it was the best thing for me, and that proved to be 100% correct.

11 September 2021: Blyth Battery
Tony had a captivated audience in Noirin, Mam and Chris.

10 September 2021: AA Glass
An AA pint glass! Containing pepsi max of course. What better way to celebrate a friend's 9th sober birthday?

9 September 2021: Doing Great
Jen gave me this badge, so I figured I'd use it to liven up the Santa that's been sitting on my desk for nearly 18 years.

8 September 2021: Inaam's Potatoes
Inaam grows potatoes in his allotment so who better to taste them than an Irish household? He got the seal of approval!

7 September 2021: Roman Baths
I took a very quick detour on a walk from the city centre to Wallsend in order to have a quick spy of the Roman Baths.

6 September 2021: Greggs Factory
It's a while since I walked along this path and I don't remember paying much attention to the Greggs building before.

5 September 2021: Morning Walk
I decided to seize the day and get my 10,000 steps done early in the day.

4 September 2021: Wardrobe
After the collapse of our wardrobe rail a while ago, we eventually got round to getting a replacement. It's an ongoing joke that Noirin doesn't measure things before buying, but with a bit of brute force it actually ended up being a very satisfying fit.

3 September 2021: Bath Sheet
I was sick of drying myself on small, scratchy towels so we invested in some more bath sheets.

2 September 2021: Cones
They're looking a bit dishevelled.

1 September 2021: Black Boots
I bought myself some new black boots so I don't have to wear Noirin's for work when I've got my black trousers on.