2021: In Pictures


31 January 2021: Old Mill
My walk around Ovingham and Horsley with Kat and Aidan featured this old flour mill.

30 January 2021: Boring Walk
This walk took me around Dudley and Annitsford. It was a pretty boring experience but it hit my brief which was not to get absolutely covered in mud.

29 January 2021: Plaster
I had to put a plaster on my finger after I cut it on a tin of chopped tomatoes. Both the cut and the plaster proved to be in an extremely annoying location for going about my life.

28 January 2021: Farm
Another walk round Burradon farm. It's not the most exciting route but it gets the steps in, and as an added bonus today wasn't too muddy.

27 January 2021: Evening Walk
I spent most of the day tired and lethargic but by the evening I worked up enough energy to go for a short walk around the estate.

26 January 2021: New Socks
I bought us some new socks: Beethoven for Noirin as she's so musically talented, and The Scream for me as it could be a representation of my life in lockdown.

25 January 2021: Camo Pants
I'd been looking for some new walking trousers but a lot of them were stupidly expensive. Instead I had a look at an army surplus store and ended up with these beauties, which fit perfectly despite my worries about male sizing. I'm not entirely sure where I would be camouflaged in this colour scheme, but I like them.

24 January 2021: Harburn Walk
This week's walk with Kat and Aidan took me out into the beautiful area around Hartburn and Netherwitton. We had an absolute blast, despite one dead phone battery and a several mile detour due to the burn being too deep to cross.

23 January 2021: Wrapped Up
I took a short walk with Noirin today. We were well wrapped up due to the cold.

22 January 2021: Seaton Burn Bridge
In my constant search for local paths that I'm not overly familiar with, I ended up near Seaton Burn and Wideopen.

21 January 2021: Rainbow
I felt a bit low today but went for a walk to cheer myself up. This rainbow helped a little.

20 January 2021: Black Box Down
This is my favourite podcast at the moment. It goes through details of various plane crashes, like a mini Air Crash Investigation.

19 January 2021: Arrest Boris Johnson
I don't like the guy, so I wouldn't be devastated if this happened.

18 January 2021: Dad & Daughter Snacks
Anytime I want a snack, I have to distract Sally with something of her own.

17 January 2021: Hairy Cow
I met Kat and Aidan for a walk and passed a field containing several of these hairy dudes.

16 January 2021: Quorn Curry
I've pretty much mastered a reasonable homemade curry that doesn't involve a jar of sauce.

15 January 2021: 6 Mile Skid
I went for a 6.1 mile walk which was pretty slippy in places.

14 January 2021: Homemade Wedges
I made a tray of homemade wedges to go with tonight's tea. I was pretty pleased with how they came out.

13 January 2021: Holly's Stick
I met Ali for a walk and Holly insisted on carrying around this ridiculously large stick!

12 January 2021: Train
I hate the pedestrian level crossing so it was even worse to see a train just as I approached it. I don't think I ever move as quickly as when I'm darting across a train line!

11 January 2021: Max to the Max
After an Asda home delivery and Noirin's trip to Morrisons it's fair to say I'm well stocked with pepsi max for a while.

10 January 2021: Face to Face
I was asked to share at the Newburn AA meeting so it became my first "live" meeting since March! It was great to see people but I'll be sticking to Zoom again from now in order to stay safe. This is the Just for Today card which was the subject of my share.

9 January 2021: Frozen Lake
On today's walk I noticed that parts of Killingworth Lake were frozen over.

8 January 2021: Snowy Field
I went for an extremely slushy walk, resulting in my walking shoes being absolutely drenched. At least there were some nice snowy bits.

7 January 2021: Lighting Solution
We needed a lamp in the corner of the sitting room so I figured we may as well use this one now that we have a smart bulb in the bedroom.

6 January 2021: New Washing Machine
Our new washing machine was delivered and installed today and I absolutely love it.

5 January 2021: Tamagotchi
Furlough is getting really tedious now so Noirin provided me with some entertainment. I haven't seen a tamagotchi for years! And that's the story of how I ended up spending my day cleaning up elephant poo.

4 January 2021: New Chain
The chain that my giraffe pendant was on snapped a while ago and I kept forgetting to replace it, so Noirin surprised me with a new one.

3 January 2021: Moon in Hand
I used my new moon lamp to light the way to the bathroom.

2 January 2021: County Durham
First walk of the year! 5.35 miles around Hamsterley and Ebchester in County Durham. The views and snowy scenes were superb.

1 January 2021: Mam & Cat
I know Sally loves her "dad snuggles" with me but here's some proof that she loves her mam just as much.