2023: In Pictures


31 January 2023: Sonic
I haven't thought about this blue dude for a long time.

30 January 2023: Levi Boots
Can't go wrong with brown boots, can you? That's the justification I used in buying these anyway.

29 January 2023: Dog Bite
I was bitten by a dog yesterday! It grabbed onto my trousers and nipped my leg in the process but the damage isn't too bad and in fact I totally forgot about it until hours later.

28 January 2023: Pride & Prejudice (Sort Of)
This was a really fun take on a story I like a lot. I'd very much recommend it to anyone.

27 January 2023: Rude Colours
Noirin received this colouring book as a gift, so I got to work on one of the pictures.

26 January 2023: Eye Hospital
After waiting almost a year I finally had my appointment at the eye clinic. The outcome was that no treatment or further monitoring is needed. Yay!

25 January 2023: Take Courage
A biblical teaching in the form of a picture. Infinitely more interesting to me than actually reading the bible.

24 January 2023: Piano
We said goodbye to the piano as part of our plans to free up some space in the house.

23 January 2023: Croc Slippers
Noirin got these slippers for Christmas and while I'm firmly against the idea of crocs, the slippers are actually pretty cool.

22 January 2023: 2023 Calendar
We should really start writing some things on there.

21 January 2023: Reflection
I can never resist the urge to take a photo in a mirror by the side of the road.

20 January 2023: Gonks
I adore this present from David! We all make lovely gonks.

19 January 2023: Lift Home
A rare treat, a lift home from work!

18 January 2023: Hog Roast Pizza
I wanted an easy meal this evening so it was pizza from Aldi.

17 January 2023: Defrosting
After a long wait for a bus this morning my toes were pretty numb by the time I got to work. I had to defrost them using the heater.

16 January 2023: Snow
Just what we all want on a Monday in January! More snow.

15 January 2023: Self Cut
I couldn't be arsed to wait for anyone else to wake up, so I cut my own hair. It went surprisingly well.

14 January 2023: Giant Yorkie
We went to the Cookhouse for a family meal to celebrate what would've been Gran's 100th birthday. I had the giant yorkshire pudding.

13 January 2023: Hand Rail
We've had a rail fitted in our downstairs toilet, mostly for Noirin's benefit but everyone needs extra support once in a while.

12 January 2023: Plates
A retro-style display of plates in the Grainger Market.

11 January 2023: Conspiracy
I haven't started reading this yet but I'm keen to see what ridiculous conspiracies are covered.

10 January 2023: Giant Shoe Horn
Noirin recently got this, so obviously I've started using it.

9 January 2023: New Sofas
Our new sofas were delivered today. We also have a new rug, cushions and curtains.

8 January 2023: Opinion
I should keep this in mind when my opinions are in danger of causing problems.

7 January 2023: Hexham Abbey
I went for a walk around Hexham with Kat and Aidan, which ended close to the Abbey.

6 January 2023: Help
I'm not sure this is the sort of help I want.

5 January 2023: Blur
The blurry effect on this photo is not intentional - I just hadn't checked the camera settings. Somehow it came out looking far more artistic than I expected.

4 January 2023: Descent
Descending the stairs at work, with my new boots on.

3 January 2023: Make a Wish
I wished I wasn't back at work. It did not come true.

2 January 2023: Waterfall
My first walk of 2023 was a standard stroll through Jesmond Dene.

1 January 2023: Electric Knife
We recently came to the conclusion that an electric carving knife was required for cutting roasts.