2024: In Pictures


31 January 2024: Pink Morning
The world looked really pink when I left the house this morning. This sky is the reason why.

30 January 2024: Adidas
I still had vouchers to use... so these loud tracksuit bottoms were screaming my name.

29 January 2024: Rice
To go with a delicious lamb curry.

28 January 2024: Extinction
Easy to see why dinosaurs went extinct if they all looked like this by the end.

27 January 2024: In 1 Club Water
I have no idea what this signifies.

26 January 2024: Trust
I put a lot of trust in this bar but I was honestly disappointed.

25 January 2024: Hot Milkshake
I think I'd probably like one of these if I could get my head around the idea.

24 January 2024: Games
Well this doesn't sound very fun.

23 January 2024: Anti-Bac
I don't care how anti-bacterial they say this basket it, it's still been touched by a lot of humans.

22 January 2024: Storm Measures
With the bins due to be emptied tomorrow morning and a storm well underway, I put some safety measures in place.

21 January 2024: Milka
My Sunday snack this week was a raspberry flavoured milka bar. It was bloody delicious.

20 January 2024: Wooded Walk
There's no better place for me on a Saturday morning than out in nature.

19 January 2024: Sunrise
It was a beautiful start to a Friday morning walking through town.

18 January 2024: Smashing Blouse
It's been a while since I got a new "smashing blouse" so I bought this jungle themed number. Now I need to wait for a suitable occasion to wear it.

17 January 2024: Blue & White Horse
I'm not sure why Wallsend metro station needs artwork but I suppose it was something to look at.

16 January 2024: Scarf
I had a voucher to use so I treated myself to this lovely soft scarf.

15 January 2024: Locksmith
Just what you want late on a Monday evening! The lock mechanism had failed so this chap had to come and fix it.

14 January 2024: Cronut
Thanks to the Lidl bakery I experienced my first cronut. It was pretty nice!

13 January 2024: Korma
While waiting for friends and family to arrive at a meal, I flicked through Curry Life magazine. I have to admit this made me chuckle.

12 January 2024: Succumb
Taking part in a sale is not something I've ever needed encouragement with.

11 January 2024: Spare Laces
I was in such a hurry to wear my new boots this morning that I didn't bother sorting the laces out before I left the house.

10 January 2024: Light
When you put it like this, light is pretty useful.

9 January 2024: Gold Handbag
I ordered some BLACK SHOES and received a GOLD HANDBAG. This is definitely the quickest I've ever returned an item.

8 January 2024: Painting
The result of my acrylic pouring session is proudly displayed on my homeworking desk.

7 January 2024: Boofle
Boofle had an important phone call to make.

6 January 2024: Creep
I'm glad I walked past this in daylight.

5 January 2024: Shauna Lisa
I'm not sure if Shaun thinks he's hiding in the Mona Lisa but I'd say it's an improvement to a painting I find pretty overrated.

4 January 2024: New Coat
I loved my yellow coat but the zip finally gave up so I bought basically the same one in a rust orange colour.

3 January 2024: Boots Box
I had a delivery from Boots, so Sally has a new box to sit in.

2 January 2024: Nass' Birthday
We went to Amici to celebrate Nass turning 38. It was lovely to have all of the family together.

1 January 2024: Blondies
I started the new year baking biscoff blondies. I was disappointed with how they turned out but I have a whole year to do a better job!