2021: In Pictures


31 July 2021: Caramilk
I was keen to try this on the assumption it's similar to a caramac, which I'm very fond of. It wasn't as good as a caramac and yet still strangely compelling.

30 July 2021: Little Plants
We got some plants put in the new garden area. I've already forgotten what they are.

29 July 2021: Conehead
Local statue dressed as a witch, or maybe a student.

28 July 2021: Unattended Dog
I thought this sausage dog was unattended and wondered whether I could sneak it into my pocket, but as I said hello to it unfortunately the owner appeared.

27 July 2021: Swan Family
Cute, but I'm glad I didn't have to get any closer.

26 July 2021: New Buckle
The buckle on my watch snapped recently and after one day of my arm feeling naked I ordered a replacement so I could fix it. Instead of blue I decided to get the replacement in orange.

25 July 2021: Repeat
This was another sobriety birthday present, which I absolutely love!

24 July 2021: Stepping Stones
Any walk that involves stepping stones is something to be enjoyed.

23 July 2021: Screaming Goat
This gift from Kat is already causing amusement in the household. It screams when you press it, which works perfectly when there just aren't any words to describe a situation.

22 July 2021: 3 Years
Somehow I woke up this morning 3 years sober from alcohol. Feels good man!!

21 July 2021: Mam's Deeds
I've been having a look through Mam's title deeds recently to help her out with something, but today they were returned safely to her.

20 July 2021: Birthday Tuna
Sally is 6 today. After a round of "Happy Birthday" she tucked into her tuna.

19 July 2021: New Kitchen
I've moved to another floor at work to join a different team. This is now my nearest kitchen.

18 July 2021: Major Oak
After a stay in a lovely B&B in Nottingham we went to Sherwood Forest. This is the most famous tree there and it's an amazing sight for sure.

17 July 2021: Swimming Buddies
We had an early morning trip to the beach before it got too hot. Noirin and Holly went swimming.

16 July 2021: Killy Sunset
I've been desperate for a walk all week and tonight was worth the wait.

15 July 2021: Mini Passata
I think my favourite thing about Hello Fresh is the cute little boxes of things they send.

14 July 2021: Joy
I guess I figured if I took a photo of this I'd carry joy into the rest of my day.

13 July 2021: Anniversary Tea
Noirin and I celebrated 2 years together today. I made us a stir fry for the grand total of 6 from Marks and Spencer, which was a far cry from Miller & Carter last year but just as well received.

12 July 2021: Dryer Drawer
I was trying to describe to Kat how easy it is to empty water from our dryer then I realised I could just show her.

11 July 2021: Dunstanburgh Castle
This was just going to be a photo of the castle but the dog ran in at the last second and made the shot loads better!

10 July 2021: Bakery Treats
Noirin brought me back some treats from the Riverview Bakery. An oreo cheesecake and a chocolate orange slice, both of which were amazing.

9 July 2021: Survive
There are several of these stickers with various motivational messages dotted around town. I love this one.

8 July 2021: Raised Garden
Noirin is building a raised garden, which starts out life today as this wooden box.

7 July 2021: Covid Test
Well over a year into the pandemic, I finally did my first covid test. Negative!

6 July 2021: Adidas Shorts
My new shorts have arrived and I absolutely love them!

5 July 2021: Circular Seats
I decided not to sit down... in case anyone sat near me.

4 July 2021: Riverside Walk
I've always thought for a simple and enjoyable walk you can't go far wrong with Newburn Riverside.

3 July 2021: 24 Hours
I had an AA share on this topic today so I made sure to read the material in advance, although it's a topic I find very easy to talk about and practice.

2 July 2021: Christine's Funeral
I was so sad to hear that Auntie Christine had passed away after a horrible illness. Our lives and interactions with The Squad will be very different without her but it was good to be able to go along and support her family and friends today.

1 July 2021: Sarah's Strawberries
Sarah's been taking great care of her strawberry plant and it's starting to pay off! The strawberries are gorgeous.