2023: In Pictures


31 July 2023: Desk Pig
When my friend June found out I like pigs, she gave me this little wooden fella. So far he's keeping me company while working from home.

30 July 2023: Jane's 70th
Philippa hosted a party for Jane's 70th birthday, which was a nice opportunity to catch up with old friends and eat buffet food.

29 July 2023: Pitches
There wasn't anything going on here today so this was about the most exciting thing to look at.

28 July 2023: Spice Rack
We've had this spice rack for ages so I finally got round to putting it up.

27 July 2023: New Hartley
Today's walk started off in New Hartley. It didn't rain while I was out but thanks to some long wet grass, my feet ended up very waterlogged.

26 July 2023: Ria's Geocache
I went to Durham with Ria. She's into geocaching, so we took a moment to locate one on the path where we were walking.

25 July 2023: Rising Sun
Despite rain being forecast for my week off work, I intend to steal as many opportunities as possible to go for a walk. Today's destination was the Rising Sun.

24 July 2023: Kat's Graduation
We went to Kat's graduation to celebrate her fantastic achievement. Proud friend alert!

23 July 2023: 5 Year Chip
The chip for my latest milestone!

22 July 2023: Birthdanniversary
I took Noirin to Miller & Carter for a combined celebration: 5 years sober for me and 4 years together for us. This was my dessert, a mango bomb.

21 July 2023: Goodbye Emmett
Emmett is off to Ireland to stay with his dad and brothers over the summer. He had quite a journey ahead of him so I did my bit by ensuring he got safely onto the train.

20 July 2023: St Nick's
I went to a meeting I hadn't been to before, at St Nicholas Hospital. It was really good, which made up for getting soaked on the way there.

19 July 2023: Rubber Chicken
My team went for lunch together at Kafeneon. I had the rubber chicken toastie, which was as lovely as ever.

18 July 2023: Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne
The city centre now contains a spattering of brightly decorated Shauns.

17 July 2023: Printer
We've recently obtained a printer, which is fine for now but I try not to trust printers. They always misbehave.

16 July 2023: Happy Valley
Today's walk with Kat and Aidan was around Happy Valley, which was beautiful although we did experience a variety of weather conditions.

15 July 2023: Chicken
At a party for Phil's 40th we took the opportunity to cuddle their chicken, Olive. Ali looked surprisingly comfortable about this.

14 July 2023: Fancy Fudge
A very well selected anniversary gift from Noirin.

13 July 2023: Mouldy Cheese
I'm not impressed, Lidl! This has just been opened and the 'use by' date is a month away.

12 July 2023: Running Jacket
After a zip failure on another jacket recently I've bought this one as a replacement. It's technically a running jacket but I don't intend to do any running.

11 July 2023: Memorial Tree
It looks like Harold King's tree is doing pretty well.

10 July 2023: Rainbow Warrior
I googled this to find out some more information and got into a huge rabbit hole, so I'm just going to go back to thinking of it as a pretty picture.

9 July 2023: Reflection
I think I prefer the hazy look of a puddle reflection rather than a direct look into a mirror.

8 July 2023: Coastal Walk
I walked along the coast for a while today and this view was totally worth it.

7 July 2023: Checked Shirt
I had a good day at work yesterday so my reward was this shirt from Marks & Spencer.

6 July 2023: Gnome With Dog
They didn't waste any words on that description did they?

5 July 2023: Flower Chairs
I haven't seen anyone sitting in these yet but the man in front of me was also taking a photo of it.

4 July 2023: Nectarine Pizza
This is one of the most grim ideas I've heard recently.

3 July 2023: Cervical Screening
I don't think any woman enjoys receiving this reminder but it's important, so my appointment is booked.

2 July 2023: Waistcoat
I put my Joe Browns voucher to good use and bought this waistcoat.

1 July 2023: Big Head
I've never seen this big head outside Newcastle University before.