2021: In Pictures


30 June 2021: Work Tears
For the first time in over 17 years I shed a tear for a colleague who was leaving. I've loved working with Colin and I'll miss him a great deal but we'll definitely stay in touch.

29 June 2021: Cat in Blinds
Sally seemed keen to cause mischief tonight, including constantly messing up the blinds to look out of the window.

28 June 2021: Tie Treat
I wanted this tie a year ago and when I saw it again it was reduced to less than 5... had to be done, didn't it?

27 June 2021: Microwave
One of the appliances I asked for as a birthday present!

26 June 2021: St Mary's Lighthouse
It's been ages since Noirin has been able to join me and Kat on a walk. Today was nothing too extravagant - 4 miles along the coast including a wander over to St Mary's Lighthouse. It may have been a cold and wet day but it was bloody lovely.

25 June 2021: Ice Cream Maker
I've wanted an ice cream maker for ages so Noirin surprised me with one for my birthday. I put it straight to use making my first batch of vanilla.

24 June 2021: 36th Birthday
I had a beautiful birthday, which I celebrated with a walk and a meal with my family.

23 June 2021: Photobomb
Sally quite often photobombs my pictures so I figured I'd return the favour.

22 June 2021: England
I keep forgetting that there's a tournament on at the moment, until I see displays like this.

21 June 2021: South Devon
After mentioning tea towels to Kat recently she brought us one back from her trip to Devon.

20 June 2021: Edith
This is probably the closest we'll get to having a sausage dog called Edith, but I'll take it!

19 June 2021: Children of the Corn
Marilyn joined us on our walk today. I couldn't help chuckling at the sight of her and Kat emerging from the corn field when I turned round to check where they were.

18 June 2021: Ria's 1st Birthday
I was ecstatic today as Ria has reached 1 year of sobriety. Of course she needed a brightly coloured chip.

17 June 2021: Good Lunch
This was the best lunch I've taken to work in ages - thai red turkey curry and a wispa mousse.

16 June 2021: Painted Bricks
I don't know what it's supposed to be but I quite like it.

15 June 2021: Release Worry
After a whirlwind evening last night I was full of conflicting feelings and emotions, both negative and positive. This meditation, which I listened to on the bus to work, really helped shift my perspective in the right direction.

14 June 2021: Appropriate
For a moment this sticker kind of summed up my working day: frustrating but colourful.

13 June 2021: Axe Throwing
I have wanted to try this for a while so when Emma invited me I jumped at the chance. I thought I might struggle for not having much anger in me at the moment but I actually ended up winning the game.

12 June 2021: Holywell Dene
I had to make do with going somewhere on the bus for a walk again. Today I chose to travel to Seaton Sluice and go for a walk around Holywell Dene and round in a loop via the lighthouse.

11 June 2021: Outside Cat
I love that Sally spends time in the back garden with me now.

10 June 2021: Steve's Suit
The girls came round to feed me and keep me company while Noirin is away. As an added bonus Gemma brought a new suit for Steve Austin so he is officially looking dapper.

9 June 2021: Tea Towel
I actually needed new tea towels so when Mam offered this one I was all over it! It has the year of my birth on it and I believe it came from Auntie Margaret over in Switzerland so it's in German. I love it already.

8 June 2021: Phil's Bench
I was sad to hear the news that Phil passed away earlier this year but when I found out Joanne and the girls had put up a bench in his memory I was keen to go and see it. I remembered today while walking from North Shields to Tynemouth and it wasn't difficult to locate. It was lovely to sit there for a few moments of peaceful reflection.

7 June 2021: Welsh?
While sorting through some old stuff at Mam's house I found one of my old school jotters. My first attempt at writing this sentence looks as though I was already fluent in welsh.

6 June 2021: Jesmond Dene
With all the work I've done in the garden this weekend I hadn't had time for much walking. Then I remembered I haven't been to Jesmond Dene for years so jumped on the bus and enjoyed some of the late afternoon sun.

5 June 2021: Lazarus
I spent part of the day tidying up the garden. We've thought this rose bush was at the end of its days several times now but it keeps coming back.

4 June 2021: Purple Heart
The loop had fallen off the back of my tie so I had to improvise and hold it together with a purple heart pin badge.

3 June 2021: Stand 4 Socks
I needed wanted new socks, and this way a homeless person got a pair too.

2 June 2021: Moisture
Another misty morning meant there was moisture on the washing line.

1 June 2021: Ribena
I had a rare craving for something that wasn't water or pepsi max.