2023: In Pictures


30 June 2023: Tree Shredding
This was one of the many occasions that I'm on the way to work and briefly wonder if I want to do that job instead.

29 June 2023: Angry
This dude just looks too angry for this time in the morning.

28 June 2023: Strawberries
Custody of the strawberry plant was transferred from Sarah to Emmett. So far he has done absolutely nothing with it but it seems to be working.

27 June 2023: Cards
Lovely birthday cards from all of my favourite people.

26 June 2023: Snazzy Shorts
I got money and vouchers for my birthday so these shorts were one of my first purchases.

25 June 2023: Car Drawing
It sure looks like a car to me, and a better one than I could draw.

24 June 2023: Garden Birthday
I celebrated my 38th birthday with cake and family in the sun.

23 June 2023: Happy Face
How dare you tell me what to do!

22 June 2023: Furry Board
Sally has decided her new favourite place is the ironing board, which explains why every piece of clothing I own is now furry.

21 June 2023: Waltzer
One of my most hated things in the world. I'm much happier just walking past.

20 June 2023: Past, Present & Future
Apparently this public art work is a monument to Richard Grainger, which is why it's situated on Grainger Street.

19 June 2023: Handprints
I don't know who these people are or where this came from but I will always be a fan of promotional stationery.

18 June 2023: Salad
Hot weather always makes me enjoy salad so much more.

17 June 2023: Little Horse
He's definitely not going to get fed standing next to that sign.

16 June 2023: Desk Fan
Work has been boiling this week, but this small fan provides a surprising level of relief.

15 June 2023: Mannequin
As mannequins go, this is definitely less creepy than some.

14 June 2023: Dental Floss
I'm trying to remember to floss more.

13 June 2023: Nervous Robot
I'm not sure I have any words.

12 June 2023: Ambulance
Upon seeing this I realised that I'm pretty fortunate. I might not feel like going to work this Monday morning but it could certainly be worse.

11 June 2023: Bee
I don't know what this flower is but the bee seems to like it.

10 June 2023: Blyth Mission
I had to go on a mission to Blyth to collect my repaired sunglasses without the use of a car, so naturally I walked part of the way.

9 June 2023: Blue Cap
I hadn't bought a new cap for ages so I was really quite fortunate that this one fell into my Amazon basket.

8 June 2023: Post Box
Not something I use on a regular basis.

7 June 2023: Crystals
This smashed glass at the bus stop looks surprisingly pretty.

6 June 2023: New Combo
A new shirt and tie combo - short sleeved to keep me cool in summer.

5 June 2023: Snackwallah
I'll be honest, I took this photo mostly because I like the cute little stacking of the stools.

4 June 2023: Pink Shorts
One of my more girly purchases for a while, especially when you consider the bright pink t-shirt I bought at the same time.

3 June 2023: Daisy Chain
I thought going with Noirin and Ali to a giant charity shop would discourage them from spending a fortune but it turned out that none of us wanted to buy anything. Still, it was nice to have a browse.

2 June 2023: Joe Browns Voucher
Very kind of Joe Browns to send me a voucher as a birthday present. I'd better buy something to say thank you.

1 June 2023: Fun Fair
It's good to know there's an option for the weekend if we become so bored we want to be completely overstimulated.