2021: In Pictures


31 March 2021: Mammy Bear
As the covid restrictions have now been relaxed to allow for garden meetups, I had a long awaited afternoon with Mam, Chris and Sue.

30 March 2021: Fetch
I joined Ali and Carl at the beach with Holly. Carl was nominated as the stick thrower so that Holly could go swimming.

29 March 2021: Spring
It's lovely to see signs of spring around the local area.

28 March 2021: Hello Fresh
This is our third day using Hello Fresh for meal preparation. I'm looking forward to this one! The first two meals were nice but we're not sure if it's worth the price yet.

27 March 2021: Cambo/Kirkwhelpington Walk
My walking buddies Kat and Aidan with a lovely backdrop.

26 March 2021: Ergh
I think that's harsh, because as Bigg Market bins go this one isn't too offensive.

25 March 2021: Postman's Stickers
I noticed the postman had a series of Newcastle United stickers on his .... whatever it's called, so I got closer for a better look. Weird mix of players.

24 March 2021: Grey Street
After an unexpected call yesterday I was back to work today! It felt weird being out of the house all day but it was nice to be in town again.

23 March 2021: Lambs
I was excited to realise that one of the farms nearby has lambs. I didn't even know there were sheep there!

22 March 2021: Easter Card
This super cute Easter card arrived in the post from Noirin's cousin Geraldine.

21 March 2021: Simonburn Walk
I met Kat and Aidan in Simonburn for today's walk in the hills. I thought this tree looked strangely picturesque.

20 March 2021: Seaton Sluice
I made the most of a beautiful Saturday with a walk from Seaton Sluice to Blyth and back again.

19 March 2021: Boost
It's been a while since we had a motivational message on the fridge.

18 March 2021: Scribbles
Another new t-shirt! It's my reward for having a thorough clothes audit recently. I like to think it describes what goes on in my head on a daily basis.

17 March 2021: Giraffe T-Shirt
Noirin saw this t-shirt and thought of me. Then bought it. I approve of this series of events.

16 March 2021: Blue Goldstone
I don't usually bother buying pointless little "worry stones" but I saw an image of this one online and it looked like a little galaxy.. so I had to have one of my own.

15 March 2021: Five Counties
I haven't had this cheese for ages! It's lovely.

14 March 2021: Planetrees Walk
I love combining a walk with a spot of history so when Kat suggested this walk via part of Hadrian's Wall I was more than happy to go along.

13 March 2021: Cullercoats
Noirin and I had a drive to the coast and got out for a short walk along the beach.

12 March 2021: Dog Park
I went with Ali and Holly to the dog park. It's always lush to see Holly running around freely!

11 March 2021: Detour
I took a detour at the end of my walk to make it a bit longer, but I hate this part of the local area as I have to walk on the road for a little while.

10 March 2021: Crime Scene
Ok, not really. It's hair dye being washed out of my hair.

9 March 2021: Taller Fence
We've had a taller fence put in between our house and the one next door and I think they've done a good job!

8 March 2021: Sally's Wool
This is Sally's ball of wool. She'll let you play with it for a bit but then she gets possessive.

7 March 2021: Dressed Up
We were going to sit in my mam's garden for a bit so decided to dress up nicely for the occasion, as it's been a while.

6 March 2021: Tyne Bridge
I took another opportunity to grab a lift into town for a walk. This time I walked along the quayside and was lucky enough to bump into some friends who joined me for part of the walk.

5 March 2021: Corned Beef Hash
I've been craving this for a while so decided to make one from scratch for the first time.

4 March 2021: Pom Pom
Last night I made a pom pom using some funky coloured wool. The effort was not really worth the result.

3 March 2021: Census
The information about this year's census arrived in the post today. Thankfully it doesn't need immediate attention, because I really couldn't be bothered today!

2 March 2021: Pine Cone
Some sort of pine cone type item.

1 March 2021: Dunlop Slippers
I'm getting through slippers quickly at the moment! This was my payday treat to myself.