2023: In Pictures


31 March 2023: New Unit
After a minor meltdown over something changing while I was out at work, I realised this new unit does look better than the old one.

30 March 2023: Pasta Night
This is my favourite of Noirin's meals - chicken, chorizo, pesto, spinach and sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce with pasta.

29 March 2023: Sausage Choc
I like the look of this chocolate sausage dog but I didn't dare check the price.

28 March 2023: Ruins
I was curious, so I googled more of the quote: "For, you must not forget, that we can also build these palaces and cities, here in Spain and in America and everywhere. We, the workers. We can build others to take their place. And better ones. We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth. There is not the slightest doubt about that"

27 March 2023: Opening
This is definitely not the intended use - at least not for me - but it's nice to be able to open the curtains without disturbing Sally.

26 March 2023: East Cramlington Nature Reserve
Despite this only being a few miles up the road I only learned about it recently. It turned out to be a really nice place to go for a walk in a good mix of woodland and open field.

25 March 2023: St Christopher's Lookout
I've been in Jesmond Dene loads of times and never noticed this before. Maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention.

24 March 2023: M&S Trousers
I discovered a hole in some of my work trousers recently so I had to get new ones.

23 March 2023: Beautiful Start
Another rainbow - this time I watched it develop from a small glimmer of colour into a full arc. It was a beautiful start to the morning.

22 March 2023: Plastered Hand
I scraped my hand and it wouldn't stop bleeding so I had to stick a Paw Patrol plaster on it.

21 March 2023: Letting Agent
I went with Sarah to sign her tenancy agreement and collect the keys for her new flat!

20 March 2023: Top Cat
I like balancing things on Sally's head to see how long it is before she shakes it off. This bottle top lasted quite a while.

19 March 2023: Mother's Day
Two of my favourite ladies!

18 March 2023: New Glasses
I've been for an eye test and selected my new frames so now I'm just waiting for them to be made.

17 March 2023: Double Rainbow
What a glorious end to the working week!

16 March 2023: Box Ideas
It's nice of this box to provide suggestions. I suspect it will quickly become cat furniture.

15 March 2023: Chaophraya
We had a team lunch at Chaophraya, which was a lot nicer than my usual lunches. I had the beef in black bean sauce.

14 March 2023: Savers
I love stocking up on toiletries from Savers.

13 March 2023: Quiz
I'm not going to it and I don't expect Einstein to be there either.

12 March 2023: Element Magnets
The pick of yesterday's purchases: periodic table magnets. Making words out of elements is my new favourite hobby.

11 March 2023: Jumble Sale
I can't remember when I was last at a jumble sale! We got some great bargains.

10 March 2023: Snow Spoon
The snow seems to have melted pretty quickly, other than on the path leading to the giant spoon.

9 March 2023: Snowman
I loved seeing this little snowman on my walk today.

8 March 2023: Grit
Amazingly the paths seem well gritted for the forecast snow.

7 March 2023: Bobby Dazzler
This caught my eye and I agree, the bright pink bag is definitely a bobby dazzler.

6 March 2023: Frozen Yoghurt
I've got a sore throat so I treated myself to some frozen yoghurt for lunch.

5 March 2023: Puffin Bowls
Our new pasta bowls have puffins on them.

4 March 2023: Boat Flowerbed
Currently just a boat filled with soil, but I assume when the weather is nicer this will look quite pretty.

3 March 2023: Have a Nice Day
I will, thanks!

2 March 2023: Deep Red
This is the perfume I've been wearing lately.

1 March 2023: Scenario
I'm not sure this is an entirely realistic scenario.