2021: In Pictures


31 May 2021: Catherine & Nathan
I spent my bank holiday catching up with Catherine, Nathan and their beautiful baby girl. I even had a go on the orange scooter!

30 May 2021: Sea Fret
My walk at Blyth today was like experiencing two different climates a mile apart. The coast was covered in a heavy mist but inland there was glorious sunshine. This was the part where I turned round to look back at the area I'd just walked from.

29 May 2021: Coquet Valley
Kat and Aidan's decision for this walk was based on avoiding cows and barbed wire where possible. We did a 7.95 mile loop around the Coquet Valley which was tougher than it should've been due to the heat today.

28 May 2021: Airport
I went with Noirin to the airport to make sure she got safely on the plane! She's going home to Ireland for 3 weeks to see her sons and I'll miss her but I'm so glad she'll finally get to see them.

27 May 2021: Military Boots
When I was looking for brown ankle boots this wasn't really what I had in mind but as soon as I saw them I had to get them. They're surprisingly comfortable, which means I can skip the annoying part where I have to break them in.

26 May 2021: Dabbawal
I went out again! This time it was a gathering of friends: me and Noirin met up with Emma, Sherrie, Gemma and Rebs at Dabbawal. I went for a tried and tested option - chicken jalfrezi and a garlic naan.

25 May 2021: Yellow Section
I like the random little section of yellow flowers.

24 May 2021: Wrapped Bin
This bin looks like it's been wrapped up as the world's worst birthday present.

23 May 2021: Demented
Sally sitting on my lap for cuddles is great. Grooming herself, resulting in this demented look, is not so appealing.

22 May 2021: Walltown Crags
This is such a beautiful part of the countryside near Haltwhistle that I had to stop and admire the view for a moment.

21 May 2021: Wet Bike
I was glad to be getting on a warm, dry bus instead of this being my transport home.

20 May 2021: Chillingham Wild Bull
I didn't stop to admire this for very long due to the rain and lack of an umbrella.

19 May 2021: Family Meal
I never thought I'd be so glad to have a meal in a restaurant with my family! It's something we've done regularly throughout my life and after not being able to for over a year I was definitely glad to have this opportunity back.

18 May 2021: Open
Bus windows are staying open at the moment as part of the Covid guidelines. It's a welcome change to sweating my arse off on the way to work.

17 May 2021: Captain
My outfit today screamed "this is your captain speaking".

16 May 2021: Thrunton/Whittingham
I'd never been to Thrunton Woods before so it was nice to go somewhere different! Instead of doing some more difficult climbing we settled for a 7 mile walk in the surrounding area.

15 May 2021: Calf
This little dude was quite inquisitive.

14 May 2021: Leazes Park
I'm getting into town early enough before work at the minute to fit in a quick walk. Today involved my old favourite, Leazes Park.

13 May 2021: Dragon's Breath
I needed some snacks for work so decided to try these. I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of spice.

12 May 2021: Cards
This was the most interesting doodle I saw on the walk from the bus stop to work.

11 May 2021: #NCL
Presumably in case I forget which city I'm in.

10 May 2021: How to Wash
After over a year of living in a pandemic, I suppose it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.

9 May 2021: Lily Beetle
We thought we'd got rid of the lilies which were planted last year, so that Sally could go in the back garden, Somehow they're back, and they have lily beetles.

8 May 2021: New Estate Water
The walk I went on today took me through a recently built housing estate. I don't know if this is supposed to be a pond, or if it's just where some water has ended up.

7 May 2021: Advice
I'm 100% certain that I do need your advice.

6 May 2021: New Walking Boots
I've been wanting new boots for months and finally bit the bullet and bought some. I'm excited to get out and test them at the weekend.

5 May 2021: Amici Pizza
Ali and I went to help move Mam's bed back into place following removal of the hospital bed, finally! We took the opportunity to have a family takeaway from Amici.

4 May 2021: The Girl in the Woods
I love this author but unfortunately I wasn't able to make much progress on the book today due to noisy people on the bus!

3 May 2021: Work Clothes
Preparation is everything if I'm going to survive a full time return to work.

2 May 2021: Temple of Mithras
It was Aidan's choice of walk today and Kat has taught him well, as he chose Hadrian's Wall. This meant we could go and see the Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh.

1 May 2021: Ali's Birthday
Ali will be 40 in a few days, but since Tuesday isn't the best day of the week for getting the family together, we celebrated today. After a morning at Barter Books in Alnwick we gathered round in her garden to chat and eat party food and it was just what we all needed. Sue joined us shortly after this photo and Nass and Sophie video called from Cyprus, so nobody was left out!