2023: In Pictures


31 May 2023: Skip the Cow
Just when I thought cows couldn't get any more freaky.

30 May 2023: Big Brother
If Big Brother's watching me, he needs to find something more interesting to do with his time.

29 May 2023: Adidas
I scored for some new trainers because these ones don't fit Emmett anymore.

28 May 2023: Central Motorway
Also known as the Great North Run starting line.

27 May 2023: BBQ
The sun is out which means Britain becomes a barbecue zone!

26 May 2023: Black Cat
I think it's attempting to behave like a larger cat than it actually is by stalking through the long grass.

25 May 2023: Tynemouth Priory Theatre
We were back at the theatre to see Gemma in another play. This time it was Steel Magnolias and she was fantastic!

24 May 2023: Lorry
Another day, another lorry making its way along High Bridge.

23 May 2023: Eldon Garden
Sometimes it's the highlight of my day choosing which way to walk to the bus stop after work.

22 May 2023: Harvey
Possibly the most terrifying way to prop a door open. We've named him Harvey.

21 May 2023: Pantry
I was sick of the pantry being full of tins and packets that we have no intention of ever eating so I had a good old fashioned clear out.

20 May 2023: Jeep
We went to Blyth Battery so Emmett got to sit in Tony's jeep.

19 May 2023: Crochet Heart
Well if this isn't a cheery way to start the day, I don't know what is!

18 May 2023: Scaffolding
There's always some scaffolding up in town!

17 May 2023: Broken Shades
I was wearing my sunglasses when I heard a pop and the lens dropped out. I hadn't noticed there was a crack in the frame.

16 May 2023: Camel Boots
I did the thing where you love something so much that you buy the same thing again in a different colour.

15 May 2023: Flip Outfit
I don't care how good the outfit is, I refuse to pick one based on a 6-piece flip chart.

14 May 2023: Mam's Birthday
We had a nice family gathering to celebrate Mam's birthday. I think me and Mam look cute as tomatoes.

13 May 2023: Bandstand
I got dropped off in Blyth for a walk today but decided to walk north for a change. That meant I passed this bandstand, which I don't remember seeing before.

12 May 2023: Door Stop
We've been using a slipper to keep the bedroom door open "a cat amount" for a few years now so it was time to invest in the proper equipment.

11 May 2023: Last Rays
The last rays of another day.

10 May 2023: Save the Galaxy
I think I'd rather just go home for my tea.

9 May 2023: Squishy Sun
The shop wasn't open yet or I'd have been tempted.

8 May 2023: Cream Cheese Icing
Yes, I unashamedly bought a pot of this to eat as a snack.

7 May 2023: Foggy Ryal
My walk around Ryal had a spooky feel with the heavy fog surrounding me.

6 May 2023: More Cords
My latest corduroy trousers are definitely my favourite yet.

5 May 2023: Content
In order to be content I will need to ignore the American spelling of "realize".

4 May 2023: Lezzet For Life
I don't think my waistline or my bank balance could cope with Lezzet being a permanent life choice but it was nice to celebrate Ali's birthday here today.

3 May 2023: Screw
With Emmett off to school, I took the opportunity to finally screw the slats into his bed so it's not in danger of collapse.

2 May 2023: Next Page
Writing the next page seems like it'll take effort, so I'll put it off until later.

1 May 2023: Awakening
There's nothing like waking up on a Bank Holiday Monday to someone staring at you.