2023: In Pictures


31 October 2023: Christmas Starts
Go away, Christmas!

30 October 2023: Tuna
When Noirin and Emmett are away and I'm cooking for one, tuna pasta is always first on the menu.

29 October 2023: Hiding
Of course Carson hid when I came round but it didn't take long to find him to say hello.

28 October 2023: Desk - Finished
I got to work constructing the desk and surprisingly I completed it.

27 October 2023: Thrown Package
Noirin warned me that a package may be waiting by the bins when I got home from work but it actually turned out to be waiting on the ground as it had just been thrown over the fence.

26 October 2023: King
A rare sight of a king and his castle.

25 October 2023: A Banana and a Patriot...
... walked into a bar?

24 October 2023: Translation
A true geordie welcome for visiting French and German football fans.

23 October 2023: Desk
A desk was delivered today. My immediate thought is to put the boxes out of sight for as long as I can get away with but I'm sure I'll build it at some point.

22 October 2023: Snowsuit
We went to collect some items for Skye so naturally Steve Austin had to model them to ensure suitability.

21 October 2023: Snap
Today's walk was an opportunity to survey the damage caused by Storm Babet.

20 October 2023: French Fancies
Can't go wrong with a classic snack.

19 October 2023: Horse
This horse was the highlight of my walk today. I named him Terence.

18 October 2023: Liddle-Henzell Glass Works
My walk along Ouseburn was a chance to brush up on some local history, which included learning about these glass works for the first time.

17 October 2023: Aquarium
I've been meaning to go to Tynemouth Aquarium for ages so Noirin and I finally went to have a look at the fish.

16 October 2023: Dare
This wasn't enough to deter me from entering The Keel Row for lunch with Mam, Chris, Jane and Tony.

15 October 2023: Purple Velvet Cake
With Noirin's birthday today and Emmett's in a couple of days, it was time for me to hit the kitchen.

14 October 2023: Sunny Weetslade
I left my walk until later in the day but it was worth it for the sun and the chill in the air.

13 October 2023: One Day
I received this with delivery of a sobriety chip yesterday and I decided to make it my mantra for today.

12 October 2023: Salleye
I was attempting to take a nice photo of me and Sally until she decided to try to climb into the camera.

11 October 2023: Earplug Stash
I find earplugs useful for sleeping but to be honest I mostly ordered these because I liked the pot they came in.

10 October 2023: Lemsip
I've succumbed to a delightful cold so this is on the menu today.

9 October 2023: Fender Advert
This adidas advert is apparently featuring Sam Fender, but I had to be told that because I don't think it looks anything like him.

8 October 2023: Emma's Birthday
We went to Sambucas for Emma's birthday meal, which was a lovely opportunity to catch up with friends.

7 October 2023: Vans T-Shirt
I ordered this t-shirt to cheer myself up after a bad day.

6 October 2023: Earring Organisation
As someone who is very fond of keeping things nicely organised, I love Noirin's new earring storage.

5 October 2023: Dortmund Ballot
After last night, I thought I'd try my luck at getting a ticket for the next home game in Europe.

4 October 2023: Newcastle 4-1 PSG
A Champions League night that will go down in history for Newcastle fans! Poor Mbappe didn't know what hit him.

3 October 2023: Black Boots
I've had my eye on these boots for a while but they didn't have my size until now.

2 October 2023: Mask
I found the mask at the top of the picture rather unnerving.

1 October 2023: Dark Morning
It seemed weirdly dark this morning, despite the time.