2023: In Pictures


30 September 2023: Conker
A true sign of a sucessful autumn walk.

29 September 2023: Coast Walk
It was windy but warm and the coastline looked as beautiful as ever.

28 September 2023: Seghill Field
A typically uninteresting field in the Seghill area.

27 September 2023: Do Not Sit
I've been sitting all day, so I'm definitely fine standing for a bit.

26 September 2023: Baltic
This is some sort of advert for the Baltic, with lots of points to ponder over.

25 September 2023: Asda Glasses Case
Asda will have a lot of work to do if they ever change their colour scheme.

24 September 2023: Squonut
My Lidl bakery treat of the day was a pink iced squonut - a square donut.

23 September 2023: Oven Cleaning
Time to clean the oven, so I've put it on the "pyro" setting to blast everything inside to ash.

22 September 2023: Eye Mask
Apparently this heated eye mask does... something.. to your eyes. I haven't tried it yet.

21 September 2023: Gaucho
I was treated to a meal at Gaucho to celebrate (almost) 20 years of service at work. The steak was absolutely unreal.

20 September 2023: Wallsend Steps
The steps at Wallsend metro station while I waited patiently for my train.

19 September 2023: Specs
I'm fairly certain I would look idiotic in any of these.

18 September 2023: Cuddle Time
The house has been full for the last few days so Sally has been hiding on top of the wardrobe. I couldn't get up there too, but I lured her down for cuddles.

17 September 2023: Names in Trees
Seeing names carved in trees always sends me off into a train of thought where I need to know more about these people.

16 September 2023: Newcastle 1-0 Brentford
Not a seat I would've chosen for myself but that's all part of the fun of getting tickets now. It was great to be back!

15 September 2023: Kindness
Then if you're an introvert like me, you promptly panic that it's getting a bit too peopley.

14 September 2023: Something Beautiful
I almost can't contain myself.

13 September 2023: Confusion
This box confused me because it actually contained donuts. Either way I was going to be happy.

12 September 2023: Shell Fan
Newcastle really does attract a varied range of supporters these days.

11 September 2023: Stew
Working from home is always a good opportunity to prepare the evening meal.

10 September 2023: Spiderweb
I went for a walk nice and early before the thunderstorm which was forecast for later. It turns out a lot of spiders were busy overnight because there were webs everywhere.

9 September 2023: Elsdon Walk
My first walk in ages with Kat and Aidan started in Elsdon and went out into the forest and fields. It was tough on a hot day but the views made up for it.

8 September 2023: Skirt
In this world of diversity, even pavement markings are gaining the confidence to wear what they want.

7 September 2023: Swatch
I've treated myself to a new watch. I was looking anyway, but the strap on my other one decided to break recently which sealed the deal.

6 September 2023: Flooser?
Noirin ordered a water flosser, which turned out to be a "flooser" when it was delivered.

5 September 2023: Dunston Staiths
I haven't been this far along the Gateshead side of the river for a while. There's been some development in the area, so it looks a lot nicer than it used to. These, however, haven't changed much.

4 September 2023: Candle & Giraffe Plant
Noirin was at Hadrian's Wall Festival this weekend and she came back with these from the craft market.

3 September 2023: Bird Feeders
I passed this cute little collection of bird feeders on a walk in Cramlington.

2 September 2023: Calmer
These earplugs are designed to minimise background noise while still allowing the wearer to hear properly.

1 September 2023: Granny Slippers
Since I go through slippers at an alarming rate, I decided to test the durability of some classic granny-style slippers. This was met with understandable horror from Noirin and Emmett but I stand by my decision.